Into the darkness

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Mr Assassin removed his hand from my chin, and wiped away the tear running down my face. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out, so i closed it again. He tok a hold of my hands, and removed them from around his neck. Then he proceded to place both of my hands in his right hand, as he turned around and dragged me after him into the hallway. I was terrified, as I was being forced to follow him down the hallway. I tried to slow our pace down a bit to get a chance to think, but it only resulted in is iron grip getting even tighter.

We went around the last turn, and the long straight hallway with my hotel room at the end of it was before us. I wanted someone to open one of the doors in front of us, to save me, but I was also deathly afraid of what that might result in. So I kept quiet, kept getting dragged closer and closer to the end of the hallway.

He suddenly came to a halt, and I nearly crashed into his backside. We were here, we were in front of my door.
He let go of my hands and looked at me expectantly. It took a moment for me to realize what he wanted. I took a shallow breath of air, and fished the keycard out of my pocket, incerted it into the lock, and opened the door.

The lights where off inside the room, and I braced myself as I crossed the treshold and entered into the darkness. I stopped in the middle of the room, my back facing him. I did not look behind me to see if he had followed me into the room. I concentraded on breathing in and out, slowly, evenly. Getting a panic attack now would be counter productive. The click of the door closing behind me broke the silence. The lights flickered on, and I jumped as I heard his voice for the first time.

«I am going to give you two choices» He said grabbing my attention.

His voice was nothing like I had imagined it. I had thought that it would sound cold, or dark and rough, something matching his eyes. But no, his voice was gentle, like silk gliding across your skin. It was pleasing to the ear, hiding the cruelty that was beneth.

I turned around and faced him, my blue eyes meeting his dark brown. He was leaning against the door that lead to the hallway, the gun back in his hand.

«First choice, you leave this hotel room, go where I tell you to go, drawing no attention to yourself what so ever, and wait for me.» He paused as he pushed himself away from the door, and tok a step towards me.

«Because I will know if you try to alert someone, and I will have to clean the mess up.» He was right in front of me now, his voice a harsh silky whisper in my ear as he leaned in close.

«And your friends might just find themselves in the middle of that mess» The threath could not be any clearer.

I tok a small step back, needing some distance, some space between us. He let me go. I was still cold from fear, my hands shaking, but I mustered up the curage to ask him what I needed to know.

«What is the second choice?» It was barely a whisper, but he heared me anyways.

His eyes never left mine as he raised the hand holding the gun, pointing it, and said, «I shoot you four times, once in your leg, twice in your stomack, and once in your neck, hitting two major arteries, you will bleed out fast.»

My eyes widened at his cold, calm description. What kind of choice was that!

«I will then sack the room, take a few valubles, plant some hair, and make it look like a robbery gone wrong.»

He was so cold, so calculated, it scared me more than if he had shouted, raged or even hit me, if he would just show some kind of emotion I would be fine. Well not fine, but better. But he just stood there, nothing showing.

Neither choice sounded appealing. But I had to make one. I closed my eyes, breathing a bit less shallow, calming myself. We stood there in silence as I tried to think about my two unwelcome choices. He didnt try to step closer again, nor persuade me to pick one way or the other. He gave me space to think, making it painfully obvious that the choice was mine alone.

I opened my eyes, met his gaze, and tilted my head slightly to the side as I asked him, «Will I regret picking the first choice?»

«I dont know» He answered honestly.

«But we can always revisit choice number two if you ever do.» He added after giving it a little thought.

His answer did nothing to make me feel any better. Or maybe it did in some weird twisted way. Because if what was waiting for me at the end of the first choice was to horrendous to live with, I could always opt out. And Mr Assassin would apparently help me, bullets and all. I guess my choice was made.

«I will go with the first choice then, I will go with you» I said to him.

A slow smile crept over his face, the twin to the one he had given me earlier, right after he had caught me ogling him in the coffee shop.

The butterflies where wreacking havoc in my stomack as I realized what I was about to to. There was no going back now.

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