6-Tension all around

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As he stood there staring into her sparkling blue eyes, while he had her pinned up against the wall, his heart skipped a beat. He knew he had quite a bit to drink and had a lot of emotions running throughout him, not realizing what he was doing, he started leaning in to kiss her. As her heart began beating faster, she put her hand on his mouth "Antonio, please.." She said quietly, turning her head and pushing him away.

When he finally realized what he was doing he pulled his one hand away from the wall "Sorry." He said quietly, looking down at the ground and feeling upset with himself "I don't know what I was thinking." He was embarrassed and hoped that he didn't scare her off.

She hurriedly got away from him "I'm going out, so you need to sober up." She growled at him as she went into her room and shut the door. She then opened the door quickly, peaking her head out and snarled at him "I suggest you take a nap while the girls are napping, that will help you sober up." She said, shutting the door hard.

He looked up at the ceiling taking a deep breath What the hell am I doing? he mumbled. He then shook his head pushing himself away from the wall and walked over to the stairs, stumbling while walking up the stairs. He walked into the living room, debating about going up the other flight of stairs to lay down with Harlow, he knew Sadie was right and that he needed to sleep it off.

He slowly went up the stairs barely making it up, wobbling on that last step and trying to hold on to the railing before he fell down the stairs. He caught his balance and walked into the bedroom. He looked at Harlow and saw that her back was facing him, figuring that she was sleeping he tried walking quietly to the bed, but with all the alcohol he had drank he couldn't walk straight and he had bumped into the corner of a dresser making a loud noise, causing some knickknacks fell down. The loud noise had awakened Harlow, she rolled over and started barking at him when she saw him stumbling.

"Are you drunk?" She yelled, sounding upset.

"As a matter of fact I am, do you have a problem with that?" He smiled as he laid down on the bed, facing the ceiling and turning his head to look at her.

"Yes, I do have a problem with that, do you not realize what time it is right now? And where are the girls?" She snapped.

"Do I know what time it is.." He says pausing "The question is.. do you know what time it is? You've been hiding in here ever since we got home, and now you're worried about them. If you want to know, then get your butt up out of bed and quit feeling sorry for yourself." He scoffed while slurring his words. He looked back up at the ceiling, and took in a deep breath, groaning.

"You're a jerk, how could you say that to me?" She cried, crossing her arms.

"Instead of being in here hiding from everyone, you should be spending time with those girls of ours." He said, closing his eyes.

She huffed, and shoved him hard making him groan before she crawled out of bed. She walked out of the bedroom and headed over to the girls room. She opened their door and saw that they were sleeping together, she walked over to their bed and slid Gabriella over so that she could lay in between them on their bottom bunk. As she laid down next to them she looked over at each of them, kissing their cheek "I do love you two." She whispered to them.

While Sadie was getting ready to go out, she kept thinking about how Antonio had come on to her, not once but twice. She knew that he was drunk, and thought that it was uncalled for all while his wife was upstairs, upset with the news that she just received. She didn't know what brought it on for him to drink like that, and was completely surprised by his actions.

She dressed in a short black low cut dress that hugged all her curves, and showing off her nice firm breasts. While she was putting on her makeup, Isabella came into the bathroom and watched her put her makeup on. Sadie noticed her standing there watching her, and looked over at her with a smile.

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