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After training the Cullen's went home and I thought it was time I go talk to my dad since I'm gonna have some more time being human.

The Cullen's and I decided we would wait till the battle was over to turn Bella and I, we don't want anything bad to happen with the battle going on aswell.

I had gotten my stuff together when Jasper offered to take me home. We went downstairs and hopped into Edwards Volvo, he wouldn't mind right?

"It was nice having you at the house." Jasper stated as he started to the car and pulled out of the garage.

"Yeah I had a good time.. Jasper are you worried about the battle?" I wondered as I looked up at him focusing his eyes on the road.

"Honestly no, they are immature newborns. Clove you don't need to worry I won't let them hurt you." He exclaimed, his hand meeting my own.

"Promise me you'll be careful?" I asked looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

"I promise darlin." He responded as we pulled up to my house.

I turned to look at him and pecked him on the lips before exciting the car and going inside the house after unlocking the door.

"Where the hell have you been?" I heard my dad's voice boom from the kitchen.

"I was at Jaspers." I answered looking down at the floor as I entered the kitchen to see my dad sat on a chair, a glass of bourbon on the table.

"You don't just get to do that Clove! I was worried sick! I haven't spoken to you in three days." He yelled out before slamming his glass down on the table, successfully breaking it.

"I'm sorry dad, it won't happen again." I apologised, rolling my eyes at my clearly fake apology.

"Damn right it won't happen again, tell that Jasper boy to leave you alone." He demanded looking up at him.

"Dad I can't just do that! And I'm almost eighteen. You are not in charge of my love life!" I yelled out, my face red with anger. I loved my dad but he was different man when under the influence.

"As long as you're under this roof I am." He responded as he stood up and started to come towards me.

"I guess I won't be under this roof for long then, I'm moving out." I exclaimed making a harsh desicion way too fast.

"I want you out by Friday." He demanded, looking distraught before I ran up to my room, tears successfully coming down my face.

I said that in the heat of the moment but I still hoped he wouldn't have agreed to it, thought he would fight to keep me.

Once my tears ceased I started to pack the small stuff like trinkets, books and my movie collection.

After I finished my packing I decided to tell Jasper about how it went.

"It didn't go well. He said he wants me out of the house by Friday."- 4leafclover

"Why is he kicking you out?"- jazzhands

"Because he demanded that I stop seeing you and I told him that wouldn't happen."- 4leafclover

"I'm so sorry Clove, if it's any consolation the family agrees that you always have a home with us."- jazzhands

"Thank you Jasper, come over tommorow to help me pack?"- 4leafclover

"Of course. Esme is already setting up the guest bedroom for you."- jazzhands

"Tell her it's fine, really I can stay at a motel."- 4leafclover

"If you think Esme, let alone me will let you stay in a motel, you are wrong. Besides Esme loves you, we have a guest bedroom that will soon be yours."- jazzhands

"You're all too sweet."- 4leadclover

"Nothing that you don't deserve."- jazzhands

After Jasper replied I put my phone down and turned out the light. I took off my overall skirt which left me in only a yellow sweater and panties. I layed my head against the pillows, sowing myself to be pulled into sleep.

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