The date

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You wake up the next day at 7 am and everyone else is still asleep so you go on your phone and see a few fan edits
@johnjohnlife: I love johnny so much he's cute and adorable I think he deserves the best
You thought that was cute so you liked it
The next edit was one of you and Johnny and it said #yourshipname and find out her username. You smiled and then messaged the fan
You: hey this is y/n
Fan1: Omg r u serious
You: yep
Fan1: wait are u dating Johnny
You: nope me and Johnny just met yesterday I don't think anyone dates that quick sorry to disappoint
Fan1: o well you will eventually and tell John I said hi
You: sure I'm gonna go nice talking to you
Fan1: byeee x
You get out of bed change into an oversized sweatshirt and shorts
You tried not to wake Johnny up but that didn't work
Johnny: hey what time is it?
Y/n: 7:25
Y/n: well our *date* is at 12 so get your beauty sleep and then wake up and change
Johnny's PoV
Why is she emphasising the date bit?
I actually thought it was a date oh well maybe she doesn't like me in that way

Your POV
3 hours later
Everyone is awake and you make breakfast as a treat for last night. You make an English breakfast and then set it down on the table
Everyone eats all of it not leaving a crumb
Lauren: wow that was really tasty
Johnny: I agree
Mer and dale: us too
Y/n: thanks now me and Johnny r going to hang out coz I owe him chipotle Starbucks and a milkshake. Is that okay With u guys?
Dale: yep
You get ready and put on a crop top and shorts with a flannel tied round your waist whil Johnny wears a white plain shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket
You meet up downstairs and you set out
Johnny: you know you don't actually have to pay
Y/n: no we made a deal it's fine plus I brought extra money
Johnny: r u sure?
Y/n: yep
Johnny: in that case I only want to go to Starbucks
Y/n: are you sure??
Johnny: yh
Y/n: come on let's go
Johnny PoV
She grabs my hand and starts running I don't know why but I keep feeling sparks
We arrive at starbucks and she buys me a double chocolate chip Frappuccino
Me: this is really good  thanks for today I had fun
Y/n: anytime and plus tomorrow we r going chipotle tomorrow with Lauren and Hayden her boyfriend i think
Me: so a double date?
Y/n: what is it with you and dates?
Me: well will you be my date for tomorrow
Y/n: sure why not
I take y/n hand and walk home and to my surprise she doesn't let go!!

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