Sun Magic • Fusion 👁 Combustion

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"Anything that happened before the Big Bang could not affect what happened thereafter

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"Anything that happened before the Big Bang could not affect what happened thereafter."

Stephen Hawking

"The early Cosmos was everywhere, white-hot; but then as time passed, the radiation expanded and cooled; then little pockets of gas began to grow; steadily brightening... we call them the galaxies."

Carl Sagan

"In the Big Bang we had equal amounts of matter and anti-matter; and as soon these met together, they annihilated together; and this battle played out, whilst the Universe expanded in its first minute of existence."

Tara Shears



1. Emergence of Data: Sun mages study cosmic-scale concepts within the skies through Tarot Magic and Astronomy (Multiversal 1.1st Law coded yellow by visual pattern recognition; 1.2 crackle by aural; 1.3 cosmic burn, a.k.a. blue-fire, by temperature; 1.4 piercing through tactile; 1.5 gagging burnt char through olfactory; 1.6 hyper-speed through time; 1.7 umwelten joy/suffering).


Fragments from Recovered Texts

Smash elements hard enough together

Suddenly splinter-and-smithereens 

Into burgeoning energy

Exploited the likes you've yet seen

Each fusion more and more extraordinary

As the universe moves around you

Whilst emerging from within you


Failure to Thrive

Yet, sometimes

(Inevitably, honestly)

After roaming for millions to trillions of years

An impact will strike

Unlike anything before

And it will collapse everything about you

It will flatten you

Like information printed into the Triassic planet

Like information printed on the face of black hole

No star is spared from this

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