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She ran along the building until she decided to jump through one of the windows. As she jumped, Bucky fired his gun an hit her in the leg. When she landed inside, she gripped her leg in pain.

By the time Bucky got to the window, she was in the hall, limping down it. He felt bad, but she wouldn't stop. When he made it to the hall, he threw one of the magnetic cuffs at her arm. It hit her wrist and immediately pulled her into the lockers next to her. Her back slammed into the wall as her face tensed in agony.

"Stop running." Bucky's chest heaved up and down in exhaustion. He slowly walked up in front of her. They looked at each other for a moment. He realized she had freckles all over her face and her eyes had changed from light blue to red. Confusion hit him before he realized she had used her fire to melt the cuff off.

She threw her fist forward and punched him the face. He couldn't stop himself before going to strike her back, but her forearm met his arm to block him. He pulled his knife to swing at her, but she punched his side, twisted his wrist, and stole the knife. She tried to use the blunt end of the knife to hit his temple, but he grabbed her arm. She grabbed his other arm and kicked him on the chest to knock him on the floor.

While he lays dazed, she makes it to the school's greenhouse. It's filled with flowers and different plants. She grabs the table with the most plants and shuts her eyes.

Bucky makes it to his feet and follows her to the greenhouse. But once he makes it to the door, he is stunned. Yellow light and sparks crawl around her as the cut on her back and the bullet wound in her leg disappear.

"Listen," Bucky says and takes a cautious step closer to her. Before he can say anything else, helicopters shake the building as yelling men flood their ears. She takes off out of the greenhouse but she is surrounded. Bucky follows her out, but he knows she can't run. All of the guns are pointed at her.

She turns back and looks at him. He can see her eyes change from red to gray. He can guess what she is about to do so he dead sprints to reach her.

She holds her arms out with her hands open before closing her fists. Bucky runs and tackles her to the ground just as all of the officers shoot their guns unwillingly.

"Why would you do that to yourself?" She looks up at Bucky who is hovering over her. The look on her face is pure defeat and sadness.

"I demand to know how started firing without my permission." A commanding officer begins relentlessly screaming at his officers.

"She did," they all answer him.

Wanda runs over to Bucky and the girl and uses her ability to put the girl's mind into a trance.

She woke up in the middle of murky water. People were running past her trying to get away as prevailing winds blew them over. She stood and tried to stop the winds and the rain, but she couldn't. People continued screaming but one older lady stopped in front of her.

"You could have stopped this." The woman took a step closer.

"I'm sorry, I tried," she attempted to explain but the woman just shook her head.

"Not hard enough." The woman walked away leaving her to absorb all of the damage she caused. All of the damage she couldn't prevent. Fires were sprung out everywhere as families cried together.

But all of the sudden she couldn't walk. She looked down and saw straps wrapped around her. When she looked back up, she saw the lab room once again. It looks like any normal operating room, but to her it's so much worse. The meaning behind that room is so much worse.

Doctors flooded in and began dissecting her, trying to see where she draws her abilities. Her screams drown everything out.

She finally wakes to see she is in an interrogation room. A bead of sweat drips down the side of her head as she sits up in her chair. She tries to move her hands, but they are bound together. The door opens as she realizes her chest rising and falling at a rapid pace.

"That was quite a chase you led us on," Nick Fury says as he takes a seat across from her. She watches his every move as he sets a file down on the table between them. He opens it to reveal a photo of her and a page full of words.

"On here they call you Jane Doe. It seems you won't tell anyone your name." Nick tried and failed to create small talk. The expression on her face doesn't move at any of his words.

Three days go by and no progress is made.

"They want you back—" Nick began but a voice cut him off. Another man's voice asked him to go into the room behind the glass. What they didn't know is that she could see into that room. She knows Tony Stark and Captain America are behind that glass.

Once Fury leaves, he goes behind the glass. They talk about different things but mainly about how they can't crack her. All three of them leave and she is finally alone.

At least she thought so. Five minutes later Bucky walks into the room slowly and cautiously. No one is behind the glass this time.

"I'm James, James Barnes." James takes a seat. "They call me Bucky. What do they call you?" He tries softly and a little scared to provoke her. Silence passes by. He knows this won't lead anywhere, he's been in her seat before.

"I heard you've been in their program for quite a long time."


"Where are you from?"


"How old are you?"


"What did they do to you?"

That question broke her state. She looked away from him and down at the table quickly before looking back up. Images ran back through her mind as Bucky stood, having gathered all he needed, and walked out of the room.

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