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Today I got up before my alarm rang. Tomorrow is mine and Mike's birthday but who cares about me. Today, I need to start preparing for tomorrow's party.

I hurriedly did my business and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I did it in record time and started cleaning the pack house.

I was cleaning the living room when future alpha Mike called me, " Bitch, come here now."

"Y-yes s-sir." I replied.

"Here is the list of all the things I want to be there for my party. Not a thing should be missed. Now get out off my face you ugly bitch."

"B-but s-sir." I said scared.

"WHAT??" He yelled.

"I- I don't have money." My eyes were now glossy but I didn't dared to look into his eyes. I was not allowed to look into anyones eyes.

He didn't replied just threw a dollar role on my face.

I bowed and went for shopping.

Skip the shopping.

I had about five heavy bags in my two small hands. I love my life.
Note the sarcasm.

I started making lunch for all hungry wolves.

After making them lunch I started doing the preparations for the party. I was doing some decorations when I heard two girls discussing about some alpha.

"I heard he is the alpha of the Shadow Moon Pack."

"SHADOW MOON PACK, isn't it the strongest pack of all."

"Yes it is, I heard the alpha is so hot and searching for his mate. I so think that I'm going to be his mate."

"No I'm going to be his mate."

After listening to this I blocked them out. So, these were the guest alpha was talking about. Whtaever, all I know is that he would not be my mate. Just think he is the alpha of the strongest pack and I am just an omega who is fat, filthy, worthless, waste of space and many more. If bye any mistake he would be my mate and just reject me and mate with some other pretty girl.

I finished the decorations and went to the kitchen to start the dinner. Wow, time flies when you do something you love. Again,note the sarcasm.

I finished making the dinner. And went to my room well it was the attic with a small bathroom, an old mattress, a mirror and a chair on which I kept my clothes and some old books that I like to read. But it was better than nothing.

I set my alarm and went to sleep. Wow this was my lucky day.

"Bitch, come down here. NOW." and I spoke too soon.

I went down in the living room to see a drunk alpha. I just bowed to him and kept my head hung down.

"Look at me, you slut."

I knew if I looked at his eyes I would me making a death wish.

He didn't said anything just threw me a punch on my right cheek. It stung and I fell on the floor, tears started to well up in my eyes and before I could manage to get up he started to kick me in my stomach repeatedly.

There was a little blood on the floor from my right cheek. After sometime he stopped and said,"You better clean this mess before goingto bed, whore."

I just nodded. He then left. After a few moments i got up and cleaned my blood that was on the floor and then went to kitchen and applied medicine on my cheek. And then just went to bed.

I know this one is short but it will get better I promise.

Please do tell me what do you fell about my story.

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