Chapter 1

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Halloween Night: 1 Year Ago

"Enter if you dare! The Zombie Compound isn't for the faint of heart," the man dressed as a mad scientist in a white laboratory coat and big black utility boots yelled.

He looked at the woman standing in front of him, his beady eyes roving over her provocative body dressed in a revealing police woman's uniform. A man, also dressed in a police uniform, was standing behind her. He wrapped his tattooed arms around her, and kissed the side of her neck while looking at the scientist.

"You need our tickets?" the tattooed man asked.

The scientist flashed a wicked smile that revealed his nicotine stained teeth, "Why yes I do...but be careful. Zombies love the flesh of law enforcement."

The tattooed man gave the scientist two tickets while muttering, "Freak," under his breath.

The scientist placed the two tickets into a small metal lockbox and warned the couple, "Don't let go of each other. If a zombie catches you, he'll carve you open to eat your brains."

The woman giggled and dragged her boyfriend forward. "C'mon Jason, don't be scared."

"I'm not scared," Jason said as he grabbed hold of her hand.

As they moved forward they were told to walk down an empty hallway with flashing lights. The sounds of a chainsaw, people screaming, moaning, and rattling chains surrounded them.

"I don't know why you like this crap," Jason told his girlfriend.

She laughed as they passed a body that was laid out on a gurney with a blood stained sheet covering it. Bloody bandages hung from its torso and head, making the body appear as if it were some sort of mummy. It was hard to see with the flashing lights but Jason didn't want to get close to the gurney.

"C'mon Jason. Stop being a baby," his girlfriend teased.

Jason clenched his jaw as he walked past the body. A hand snaked out from beneath the sheet, grabbing his leg.

"Awww crap," Jason yelled as he jumped away from the grabbing hand. His girlfriend was laughing.

"Stop laughing it's not funny. It didn't grab you."

"Okay...okay let's keep going," she said as she walked forward.

It was a maze of horrors. The halls appeared red and smoky as the lights flickered, giving them very little light to see by. Jason could see zombies in the corner attacking a human that was screaming at the top of her lungs.

A few minutes later a zombie fell from the ceiling and scared both of them. Finally it became quiet and Jason found himself in a pitch dark room with his girlfriend.

They could hear a little girl's voice singing a soft lullaby, "Hush tiny zombie, don't you cry."

A soft spotlight fell on her. She was wearing a green dress and had her back to them as she sat on a small stool. She was rocking back and forth while holding something in her arms. Neither Jason nor his girlfriend could see a way out of the room other than the door that they had come in and a door the little girl was sitting in front of. They walked towards the little girl who was still softly humming her song.

Once they were right behind her, she stopped singing and turned around to face them.

Both Jason and his girlfriend screamed.

She didn't have a face. It was a smooth blue-veined piece of flesh holding a broken porcelain doll. Suddenly an emergency exit light flashed, revealing a different way out. Jason ran through the door holding onto his girlfriend. The two of them could see the exit of the haunted house.

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