A/N's Note.

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Hello my lovely reader. How are you doing. Have you been waiting for chapter 13? Well..there are a good news and a not really good news (for you😜😂) about it.

I will tell you the good news first.

The good news is..chapter 13 is already finish. Hooray!🎉

And the bad news is..you gotta have to wait till 12/6/18 to read it.

Why? Because I want to update it on one of my best friends' birthday😆. It's her second birthday present from me!😆😆 The first present? Well I won't tell anyone about it.😜

So..I hope you can wait for it.

And about the music above..I hope you enjoy it! It is one of my favorites! 😆💕

Okay, That's all. Meet you in the next chapter on 12/06/18 !!



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