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Lance's P.O.V.
Keith and Shiro are out getting some groceries. I told them I wasn't feeling up to going out today which is true. Today I've felt off...

I can't really explain it. I feel like I can't get comfortable and I'm bored but don't want to do anything. Maybe I'm just really tired. Yeah that must be it.

Suddenly I feel a rapid urge to nest and I do so, rushing to the bedroom. Would Keith and Shiro want a nest in their room? Well they said they wouldn't mind so I guess I'll listen to that. I raid the closets and laundry piles for clothes with their scent on them.

The world around me begins to heat up and I pull out all the soft fluffy blankets I can find. I arrange the clothes and blankets around and on the bed, making sure it's smooth but I can find the scents easily.

I feel hotter inside and I groan at the feeling. This must be heat. Thank goodness I've taken all my birth control as I'm guessing I'll probably need it. We already planned for this, bottled water, snacks, food and other necessary items are set up in our room but it's still nerve wracking.

After I finish with the nest I feel to hot with my clothes on so I take them off and head to the bathroom for a cool shower. Something is coming out of my butt, it's slippery and clear. This must be slick.

After my cool shower I feel a little better but I don't get re-dressed in my clothes. Instead I head to my nest and lay down. Wanting something to fill me up but there's nothing. My scent glands have also swelled up at this point, begging to be marked. Hopefully Keith and Shiro will be home soon.

Shiro's P.O.V.

"Do you think this is enough?" Keith asks me, showing me a few boxes of omega protein bars

"Yeah, when he goes though heat we'll be so prepared." I reply feeling proud

"I'm worried about him, he said he wasn't feeling well." Keith sighs "What if he's really sick and won't go through heat, messing up his entire body?!"

"Keith calm down, I'm sure he's fine." I say hugging Keith close to me and brushing his hair in my hand

During Lance's heat Keith and I agreed that we'd also mark each other, not many alphas do this but we want to. Lance's heat will be a new chapter for all of us.

After Keith and I have grabbed everything we need we pay and begin to walk home. As we turn down our street we can smell the faint smell of something sweet. Keith and I look at each other and continue walking, trying to ignore the scent but it's getting stronger.

As we open our door the smell hits us full on. Is this?...

"Lance?!" Keith calls out

"I-In here!" Lance calls from the bedroom

We quickly place the groceries in the kitchen and head to the bedroom. The moment we walk in we freeze, Lance is laying in bed completely naked, releasing pheromones that smell amazing, surrounded by our clothing and blankets and practically begging for us. An omega using your scent for their nest is something that a lot of alphas find pride in, Keith and I included.

"Lance are you in heat?" Keith asks

"Y-Yeah I think so." Lance replies, looking up at us

His face is flushed red and his hair is very messy, I blush at the tempting scene before me, already feeling my pants tighten.

"Lance, do you want us to help you?" I ask

"Yes, of course." Lance answers "But please hurry..."

Lance's P.O.V.
Keith and Shiro walk close to to the bed and take off their shoes before crawling into my nest and holding me close to them. I feel myself burning up more and I rest my head in the crook of Shiro's neck, evidently exposing mine.

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