chapter 28

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Rosie pov:-

"Wh.....what are you talking ab.... about", my hands clutched on my stomach as tight as I can. His eyes went towards my stomach and back to my eyes. His eyes held rage in them.

"Get rid of it", he said emphasizing each and every word. I choked on my own tears. I didn't know he was that cruel and egoistic that he will kill his own son just because he doesn't want.

"No", I said looking straight in his eyes, I made up my mind. If he doesn't want our son then I can raise my son alone.

"We are not ready to have a baby. Do you think I'm ready to be a father? Do you think I have time for one? No, so get rid of it now" he screamed at me, I looked at him in disbelief and shock. How could he ever say something like this.

"No, I will not, you are not ready to be a father but I am, I am ready to be a mother. If you don't want then I will raise him alone, by myself", I stood up angrily, wiping my tears harshly and went towards the door to get away from him, I don't want to spend another minute by his side after hearing his cruel words. I'm not leaving him, I love him too much to leave him. But before I could reach the door he caught my wrist and pulled me back towards him.

"Where do you think you are going?", he growled his canines coming out. He held my hand very tight that I'm sure it will leave bruises later.

"Away from you", I tired to remove my hand out of his grasp but he tightened it more. I screamed when he twisted my hand behind my back.
He grabbed my hair in another hand and pulled it backwards thrusting my face forward.

"Don't test my patience rose. You will not like the consequences. You will never leave me, do you understand", he roared, I have never seen him this angry and in rage. I was terrified of him for the first time. I screamed in fright when his golden eyes turned to silver, this is the first time I have ever seen his eyes change to silver and this aggressive side of him. Black Fur sprouted out from his body, his white shirt ripped off from his fur filled body. He stood before me half human and half werewolf.

"Edward", I choked out his name, hoping that he will come back to normal. He pulled my hair back making me scream in pain.

"Pl.....please don't hu...hurt, please Edward", I whimpered, his hold tightened more. This was not the Edward whom I loved. My Edward promised me that he will never hurt me but here he is. That he will die before he hurt me. This is not that Edward. This Edward is cruel, heartless, ruthless monster, the true dark king that everyone was scared and terrified of, even his own mate and wife.

"YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME", he roared emphasizing each and every word. I nodded my quickly scared of his reaction if I did the opposite.

He suddenly pushed me on the bed harshly and hovered above me. I tried to push him off me but he took my hands and pinned them above my head. He forcefully ripped off my dress and started kissing my neck. He sank his teeth on the mark which he forcefully gave me, I writhed in pain under him.

" Edward stop please don't do this", I screamed at him and trashed around in his arms but nothing bought him back to normal. I screamed when He ripped off my undergarments harshly and pulled my legs apart. I freezed in panic.

"Edward, I love you pl.... please stop", I sobbed giving up, I can't fight him only he can. He abruptly stopped his actions and his silver eyes met mine, I looked at them pleadingly. His eyes widened as if realizing something, he looked down at our position and at my state. He quickly jumped off me and covered my bare body with the white sheets. I clutched the sheets to my chest and rolled over to the side, my backside towards him.

The door of our chamber burst open and in came running James and some guards behind him. I pulled the sheets further covering till my neck. James looked at Edward and at my state, his eyes widened in shock. He looked outside the window and realized something, which I didn't. He shouted out orders in a different language. I looked at Edward to see his still eyes were fixed on me, his eyes held shock, disbelief and mostly.... Regret. I looked away from him and curled into a ball, away from all the pitiful gaze that the guards were giving me.

I heard loud footsteps and I turned around to see the guards dragging Edward away, he didn't put up much fight but let them drag him. He looked straight in my eyes, he looked broken and defeated but I refused to acknowledge it. I turned away from him. I heard the door closing.

I couldn't contain the hard sobs that wrecked my body. I wish this was a nightmare but not the reality. That my loving husband didn't turn into a cruel monster that he didn't almost rape me Or the witches were again messing with my mind. But how much ever I tried to wake up from this nightmare I couldn't, I couldn't because it was not a nightmare but the harsh reality. I can never forget this night or ever forgive him for this. I love him too much to hate him but I will never forgive him.

"Luna, luna", the door burst open again and came in siya and miya. They both looked worried and panicked. There eyes widened when they saw my state. They rushed towards me and embraced me in their arms. I held them tight to me and cried my heart out. I pulled away from them and put my hand on my stomach, my lips curled up in a small sad smile when I felt the warmth on my palm but it soon vanished when I remembered what happened earlier.

"H..he do..doesn't w..want.....", I couldn't finish the sentence, I couldn't say the words. It hurts too much to just think about it. They understood what I was saying.

"He...he..he", a painful cry left my lips as I thought how he almost forced himself on me. I couldn't say, I leaned my head on siya's chest and cried. Her arms wrapped around me immediately. How much ever they comforted me or whispered soothing words to me, it didn't work. Only one person could comfort me but he is the one person who put me in this position. I believed him more than I believed my own parents, I gave him everything I could ever give.  .I love him too much to let go him, I love him too much to punish him, I love him too much to hate him.

But I love him too much to forgive him.


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