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It's been two days since she made it out of the compound. She wondered the streets of New York City, not knowing what to do or where to go. She knows they are looking for her, but she can't leave this town. She has nothing.

As she walks down the crowded street, skyscrapers tower over her along with ten story apartment buildings. People push past her as she raises the hood on her sweatshirt over her head.

"I have eyes on the target. She's moving south down 7th Ave," the Falcon said into his radio. She heard his words and cooly ducked under the awnings of the establishments lining the road. She diverged from her path and turned left.

"Cap, I lost her." Smiling to herself for a brief moment, she continued walking.

"I have eyes." Captain America followed a distance behind the hooded girl, keeping his eyes on the hood.

She continued down the road as she shifted her viewpoint from in front of her to looking down from above the crowd. She was able to see the captain following her along with a dark, shaded man, Bucky. She returned her viewpoint and headed towards the subway entrance.

As she made her way to the edge of the platform to get onto the charging train, the captain and Bucky walked down the stairs. At first they thought they lost her, but Bucky spotted her waiting by the edge for the train to stop.

The two men walked over and stood on both of her sides, Bucky on the right and the captain on her left. She eyed them both up and down out of the corners of her eyes before looking straight ahead once again.

The train stopped and the doors glided open. She took a step back and turned to walk away. Captain and Bucky got caught in the crowd rushing for the train. A few seconds later, they made it out as she brought her hands together like she was holding something that would escape from her grip. When she pulled her hands apart, fire appeared. She only produced a small ball and separated the flame into both of her hands. She placed the fire under the backpacks of the two strangers headed for the train. Quickly the fire spread, causing panic in the subway. The captain and Bucky had to stop to put the fires out, giving her enough time to escape.

"She's gone," she heard captain say into his radio.

"I've got her," the Falcon said and flew above the crowd. "She's headed west on 12th."

Captain and Bucky now sprinted to catch up with her. She saw them and began running too. Cap and Bucky caught her quickly. She ran into the street, causing cars to slam on their breaks. Cap and Bucky jumped over the cars as she ducked in between.

Captain finally reached her and put a hand on her shoulder to pull her back. She turned shoved him off. All three of them stopped in the street as the crowds cleared.

She moved her hands to force a large chunk of pavement out of the ground and hurled it at a fire hydrant. It broke, causing water to fly through the air. She controlled the water and made it levitate around her.

"We just want to talk," Cap tried but she didn't care. She threw water at both of the men, knocking Bucky off the top of a car. She moved the rest to surround Cap in a large ball of water. He struggled to swim out of it, but failed. She closed her hands onto fists, making the water freeze with Cap inside it and fall to the ground with a large thud.

Bucky's eyes widened. She didn't care enough to stay so she began running again. Her sneakers pounded heavy against the pavement, but she stopped dead in her tracks. Thor flew down from the sky and slammed down on the street.

"Girl, enough." Thor raised his hammer to the sky and hit it to the ground causing lightening and pavement to come at her in a wave on the ground. The cracking of the pavement and lightening crashed in her ears as she held out her hands to her sides to catch both the lightening and pavement in its tracks.

It was so strong it slid her back and her sneakers left streaks on the road. Her anger got the better of her as thunderstorm clouds began rolling in from behind her. Boisterous cracks of thunder came along with bullets of hail and rain. Thor's face fell as he stood in shock. She forced the wave of lightening and earth back to its origin. Thor was kicked back and buried in dirt hundreds of feet away.

"Thor is down. I repeat, Thor is down." The falcon flew in and began firing his guns at her. She picked herself up with the wind and flew up to his level. He went to fire again but she blew into her hands and formed a tornado. She threw it him, sucking him into it and carrying him away.

She set herself back on ground level to see Bucky standing and staring at her. She turned again and tried to run, but an arrow soared by and cut her back open while ripping her shirt.

A curse left her mouth as she heard heavy steps coming from behind her. She turned around to see Bucky charging at her. She brought her hands together and started another fire in her hands. Then, she held her hands forward and extended her arms to shoot the fire at him.

He bent his metal arm and shielded himself from the flames. They rolled off of him as his arm began to glow from the heat. He was getting too close so she began to lift herself off of the ground again, only for him to grab her foot and pull her down. She fell forward and rolled over her back in a summersault, getting tiny rocks in her wound.

She got to her feet quickly and took off into the nearest building. She ran across the green yard to realize it was a school.


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