Tay knocks and Jenna soon answers.

"Kell is here to see the kids." Tay chirps.

"They're just watching a movie in the living room." Jenna chirps. "Vic's in the shower."

She steps aside and I follow Tay in. We go into the living room and Chrissy and Lisa both look back at me.

"Daddy!" Lisa exclaims, grinning as she gets off the sofa.

She rushes over to me and throws her arms around me. Chrissy's quick to follow. Feeling overwhelmed with happiness when both girls are in my arms, I burst into tears.

"I missed you both so much." I breathe.

"We missed you too. We're so sorry we didn't talk to you. We just felt bad for how we behaved and we just didn't know what to say." Chrissy says. "Papa explained to us that it wasn't your fault and that we shouldn't be angry at you."

"It's okay, babies. I love you so much, okay?" I sniff.

"We know, dad." Lisa chuckles. "Can we come stay with you tonight? Maybe for the whole weekend?"

"I would love that." I breathe gratefully. "But you'll have to ask your Papa."

I pull back and wipe my tears away before I kiss both of their heads.

"So tell me what's been going on?" I ask them, hoping that I haven't missed much.

We sit down on the sofa and they tell me all about the last two weeks and about how they're both attending school again. They seem happy and I'm worried that if I take them home with me then I'll ruin that.

Vic walks into the room in just a towel. My eyes wander over his wet chest and his toned muscles. God, he's so hot. I miss being close to him.

I accidentally meet his gaze and quickly look away.

"Did you girls see what I did with my clothes?" Vic asks.

"You left them in the kitchen." Chrissy snorts.

Vic walks past us and goes into the kitchen.

"So how have you been, Daddy?" Lisa chirps.

"Good, just missed you two, a lot." I smile sadly.

"What about when we go off to college? You need to learn to cope without us." she says which makes me think about Junior.

Should I learn how to cope without him?

"I can't." I whisper, getting teary as I kiss Lisa's head.

Vic soon comes back into the room, now dressed. I try not to pay him any attention but I can feel him staring at me.

"Papa, can we stay with Dad for the weekend?" Chrissy asks.

"Yeah, of course." he says. "Go pack your things."

The girls get up quickly and rush out of the room.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Vic asks me.

"Tony and Mike are already cooking." I lie. He doesn't want me here. He's just being polite and I'd rather not make things any more awkward and uncomfortable than they are.

"Have you been eating?" he asks me.

I nod but it's another lie. I can barely get out of bed let alone get up and eat.

"You look thinner." he comments.

"Why do you care?" I mutter.

He doesn't say anything after that.

The girls soon return now with their things. They clarify that they're ready to go so I get up and we go to the door. Tay and Jenna are on the porch talking.

"Ready to go?" she asks and we all nod.

She says goodbye to Jenna, gets her keys then begins walking down the yard. I begin to follow but Vic stops me.

"Kellin, wait."

I look back and see him standing at the door. He look concerned and pained.

"Please look after yourself." he says.

I'm confused but I nod anyway. I follow the girls to the car and Tay drives off towards home.

"Daddy, I know you probably don't want to talk about the divorce but can I just ask you one thing?" Lisa says.

"Sure, go for it." I chirp.

"Do you still love Papa?" She asks.

I smile sadly and glance at her in the side mirror. She looks borderline terrified.

"Of course." I murmur.

"He loves you too." She sighs.

"He said that?" I ask hopefully.

"Yeah, like a hundred times." Chrissy laughs.

I cant help but to smile at that? Does he really still love me? I thought he couldn't stand me.

Fuck, maybe this divorce is a mistake.

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