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-Chapter 14


Lisa's Point of View:

So the idiot decided to bring me to café infront of the building and I huffed in annoyance after thinking that it was going to be somewhere more extravagant.

"Haha, he's not your boyfriend gurl. He didn't have to do that fancy - shmancy stuff you wanted."

My subconscious insulted me and I frowned bitterly on the outside. Good thing that Taehyung was already ordering so it was a good thing he didn't see my seemingly ungrateful expression.

"You didn't seem, you are actually ungrateful, he's already volunteered to pay for food which you can't possibly do for today."

I sneered at the other voice.

"But he did something wrong to me years ago and he owes me something more than this."

I frowned even harder. I didn't really know what to feel about this. Should I be happy? Sad? Disappointed? I knew that I am thankless but some can't help but feel bitter about my situation if you were in my shoes, yeah?

Gosh, expectations suck.

Okay, first I got to pretend as a boy without being exposed for a year. Second, I'm some girl who happens to know what happens outside the book,  and now I have two voices battling inside my little head.

Are those things even possible?

"I don't know girl, I don't know." My eyes shot up to Taehyung who set our orders in our sharing table.

"What are the things I've mentioned about?" I told him while attentively swirling my straw in my orange juice before drinking it. I nervously waited hoping that he didn't hear my tiny rant.

"Umm, something along the lines of "I, exposed, some girl, outside?" He looked at me weirdly while my eyes widened then awkwardly shrugging before taking in a part of my breakfast platter.

Sounds wrong, oh gosh.

I faced the surrounding people only to find them gazing at me skeptically. I facepalmed before facing Taehyung again.

"Yeah, it's not something boys like you would want to hear." I told him hesitantly and his face showed a bright shade of pink.

Slowly chewing on my food, I thought of something to bring up.

Think, think, think, Lisa!

I'm not a fan of awkward silences, last time there was, I ended up embarrassing myself more. Yeah, I wouldn't want to talk about that.

What do people talk about on dates-- Erm, I mean "get - togethers" ? After a while of thinking, I finally knew what to do.

"Taehyung?" I called him and he glanced at me.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"I need to go to the comfort room." I looked at him and he smirked at me.

"What do you want me to do? Come with you there?" He said playfully as he wiggled his brows and I harshly kicked his foot which was situated underneath the table. He groaned as he felt the pain and I just laughed at him mercilessly.

"Not for that reason, I just have to inform you incase I get murdered this day." I told him and he got a shook expression on.

"You're part of the ma- mafia?" He stuttered nervously as he pointed at me nervously with his mouth open. I shook my head disapprovingly while crossing my arms muttering some "tsks".

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