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-Chapter 12

Why Would You Do That?

Third Person's Point of View:

"I know what I did earlier was too much, but I need your help." Lisa looked up towards his figure that was mirroring her action earlier, his lips pursed into a thin line but the moment she told him what she had to say, he widened his eyes in surprise.

"Sure, I'll help you in anything! As long as you'll forgive me that is..." His gleeful visage slowly transformed into his earlier doing as he said his last group of five words. Lisa glanced at the man's now bowed head before mirroring his action.

Lisa stayed silent for a few minutes not knowing how to reply. He also reciprocated the muteness that she gave for he knew that what he did to her in the previous years is almost unforgivable.

Frowning on the inside, he knew that he had to break the silence. But on the other half, Lisa felt that she was being suffocated by her undying speechlessness.

"Okay, you don't have to forgive me but can you atleast tell me what's your dilemma?" Taehyung questioned her, almost pleadingly in his part. His hands came in contact with his desk almost in a harsh way as his head leaned forward with shoulders slumped to where Lisa is sitting.

Lisa jumped from her seat as a natural reaction and just stared at him in shock, mouth wide agape while clenching onto her bag's material.

Taehyung realized what he did as he slowly backed off and sat properly on his chair. "I'm sorry." He apologized, almost considered as mouthing from where Lisa was located.

Shrugging the tension, Lisa gulped down her saliva. Invisibly fidgeting with her fingers from where Taehyung was sitting, she opened her mouth to say her words.

"I might have told you about the reason of my chosen destination earlier, that... This is my workplace." She paused for a second to take in the awkwardness and tension in the air.

"And about my sudden departure earlier... I lost my entry card, and now that you're my boss, I decided that I could just inform you." She spoke to him awkwardly, her shoulders raised while her eyes looked at everywhere besides his direction.

He takes out a cackle that caused her raise of eyebrows. "Really? You could have just told me the moment I told you about my rank." He laughed hysterically making her want to bring him back to his senses and smack the back of his head. But hearing the audible rush of footsteps earlier, she decided otherwise.

Lisa didn't want to make herself look shameless in public. "It's not an easy thing!" She whined and he laughed harder. At this point, the earlier tension subsided and was replaced by a lighthearted environment.

Lisa is not a person whose body can be taken over by anger. Also, Taehyung is not someone you can turn your back on for so long...

"Okay, okay, and besides..." He took something out from the drawer on his right before showing it to Lisa.

Her mouth went agape once again before lunging at him. "Jerk! Where did you find that?" She shouted that made his bodyguards enter the room in a instant. Their eyes widened at the two.

"Um." The two muscular hombres said in unison. "We're sorry, sir." They consecutively bowed before they went out. 

Lisa glared at Taehyung before realizing the position they're in. Her cheeks reddened and Taehyung chuckled at the sight of her.

She slapped his arm repeatedly before returning to her seat. "I'll take that, thank you." She tried to grab the card from the desk but Taehyung got it first.

"You snitch! Give it back!" She exclaimed and tried taking it back. She tickled Taehyung and he successfully let go of the object that Lisa was aiming for. Lisa immediately caught the card and tried to get out of his office.

"Guards!" Taehyung screamed and the two big muscled guards came into the room once again. Lisa's eyes widened once the two grabbed her both arms.

Taehyung gave out a victorious smile as he easily got the card and she lined up a string of curses. "I don't think that a lady should speak that way." Taehyung  commented with a smirk that made Lisa "touché" loudly.

"And I don't think a man should be needing more people to get something from a girl who is by herself." Lisa scoffed while trying to free her arms from the strong men.

Taehyung didn't know to retort but as the silence was interrupted by something growling. Lisa facepalmed herself.

"Looks like that we already have a deal." Taehyung spoke making Lisa perplexed. The two guards let go of her and stood there.

"Go out with me, to get this." He waved the card at her face but she only froze on her spot, unable to comprehend with what he just said.

Did he just say go out? 

Lisa's brain was occupied by numerous thoughts as she went over them one by one.

Go out?

With Taehyung?

The person who did something to me years ago?

Is asking me, to go out with him?

"But I have a boyfriend." Lisa said out loud unconsciously. Taehyung laughed out loud as the two guards snorted then went out of their serious mode, joining Taehyung in the process.

Lisa went back to herself after realizing the people laughing around her for minutes. "Wait what? Oh shit. Forget what I said." She blurted and Taehyung kept on cackling as well as the other guard.

"Beware of your language, Missy." The taller guard warned.

"I'm already an adult, I can say anything I want to say." She protested and the taller man just sighed in disapproval.

"No, I won't go." She faced Taehyung with a serious expression.


"I won't go out with you." She repeated with arms crossed. Lisa honestly didn't know why she declined his offer. It's a two win situation for her, but there's still something holding her back.

She wants to...


She has a really bad feeling about it.

-Chapter 12 End

Theories, anyone? Well, get ready because things are about to be confusing. I do hope that it would be able to give you some second thoughts about your main theory.

Also, I had to republish Chapters 10 and 11 because of the "Table and Contents" glitch. IT WASN'T WORKING AND I TRIED LIKE 50 TIMES ALREADY. Thankfully, this time it worked. (It shows it correctly on my account atleast.)

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