Chapter - 46 "Fight-2"

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The rest of the day was a blur. We were constantly changing our hidings although I couldn't really see the guards approaching us but Leo thought it was unsafe for us to stay at one place For too long.

It was midnight and we were at the basement again.
I said  "Are you sure that staying at the basement is safe, I mean they found us here before"
" I know that, that is why I think that this place is the safest for us in the whole palace. They won't be checking the same place twice" Leo said

I nodded. He was smarter then I thought. I didn't said it out loud tho.

But leo was wrong, really wrong. I heard footsteps approaching us. But I wasn't scared much because as leo told me the guards were all humans so it was not really hard for us to fight them.

But when I saw the owner of the footsteps I practically froze.

It was Edward.

Leo stood in front of me. Trying, to hide me from the evil gaze of his step brother.

" woah, woah, woah look what we have here. The sneaky little bitch came back as expected" Edward said and all the guards laughed along with him.

"Shut the fuck up" leo shouted
"oh really, what are you gonna do if I didn't" Edward said challenging leo.
I understood what he was trying to do. He was provoking leo to make him act stupidly.

"Leo, don't listen to him" I whispered
" I know what to do" leo said back with a smirk.

I shrugged my shoulders

"Afraid much?" Edward said
" you very well know that I can crush you like a peanut in no time. And your guards, they can't do shit" leo said
"You better watch your mouth" Edward said with frustration lacing his tone .

Oh, so leo was using Edward's method on Edward. Quite impressive.

"uh, what are you gonna do you son of a bitch"

This triggered edward and without even thinking twice he pounced on leo. Leo saw the chance and stabbed the dagger in his gut.
Edward cursed loudly and fell back on the ground with a thud. He was a pure blood so all his powers were in his blood. The more he looses it, the more he gets close to death.

I was expecting the guards to jump on us but they stared at Edward.

" what are you all doi.. Ng... Kil.. Ll.. Them...tak...e.. Me.... To..." he stammered.

The guards didn't do anything they stood there until edward passed out.

"listen up people, I know that you were Kidnapped and forced into being his guards" leo said

They all nodded

"I have a offer. If you all help me in getting out of here I will take you back to your families. I give you all my word"

One of the guards said "How can we believe you. We've all been cheated ever since we came here"
Leo smiled and said
"What other option do you have. If you help us you will at least have a hope to see your families again. But if you consider working for them, they'll kill you as soon as we're out of their way"

" I know what it feels like when you're dragged out of your normal life and forced into something that is so unbelievable" I said
"believe me I was a normal human being too before all this chaos happened. I had a family. Maybe dysfunctional but it was still my family. And if you help us I will make sure that you will get back to your normal life. Trust me" I continued

Leo looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Okay we'll help you. But exactly are we supposed to do?" they asked

"can you get all the guards in our side" leo asked hopefully
"damn yeah we can" they said
"good then it won't be that hard for us. All you have to do is let us out of this palace. Then we'll take you all to your families. And no one will know what happened"
"sounds like a deal" one of the guards said.

Now the plan seemed possible


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