Chapter 10

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Edward's POV:

"Well as you know I am Edward Barber, my full name is Edward John Barber, I am 17 years old, I have an older sister and her name is Laura, but she is currently in another country studying. I live with my Mom while my Dad is with my sister. I had a normal childhood, I had this one friend, a girl, but when we moved here 8 years ago we lost connection, her name was Dale, and we were really close, she was my best friend, and I love her so much, it was really a shame that we lost connection, I didn't hear any news about her since we left, I just really want to see her again. Anyway when I moved here I met a lot of people and they were really kind and I met Christian and Ricci when I was 13 and they introduced me to the other guys and ever since then we all have been best of friends. I then met Heaven and I really liked her, she was beautiful, smart, and she was so kind to so I really really liked her, I liked her more than a friend so I waited till it was the right time for me to court her because I was too young then, so I courted her a year ago and then after 2 months of courting her she finally said yes and we were happy I guess, but I don't know what happened, and she really made me happy, that's why I need her back, because she makes me happy." I said to her and she just looked at me

"Hmmm interesting" She said

"You really love Heaven noh?" She asked and I nodded my head

"Yes I love her, I love her very much" I said and she nodded her head and gave me a smile and put her hand on my shoulder 

"Then I will help you get her back, I'll do anything to help you guys get back together, if that's what makes you happy" She said and I smiled back at her 

"Thank you so much MayMay, you really are so kind" I said

"Ok lang yun, as long as I get to help" She said 

"Ok I'll ask you some more questions ha you have to answer me" She said and I just nodded my head 

"When is your birthday?" She asked 

"July 15" I said 

"What year?" 


"What's your Nationality?" 

"I'm half Pilipino half British" 

"What's your favourite colour?" 

"Ummm Blue, Red, Green" (A/N: I'm not sure which one is Edward's favourite color eh so I just put those three)

"What are your hobbies?" 

"I like to read and play soccer"

"If you will go back in time what time where you go to?" 

"To the time where I was still with Dale

"Awww sweet mo naman, next, if Dale was still in the picture, who will you choose? Heaven or Dale?" 

"I will obviously choose Dale, she was my first love" 

"Grabe baayy, whoever that Dale girl is she really is lucky that she got to meet you and that she became your best friend, anyway next, why do you love Heaven so much?"

"Because she was there for me when I was alone and had nobody else to turn to" 

"I think that's enough questions for now" She said and I looked at her

"Your turn naman to answer questions" I said and she looked at me and nodded her head

"Sige" She said 

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" I asked 


"How many boyfriends have you had?" 

"Just one" 

"Why don't you want to date again?"

"Because I'm scared of getting hurt again"

"What's the most embarrassing moment that happened to you?"

"When my ex boyfriend broke up with me in front of everybody"

"What's the most painful experience you had to go through?"

"When my grandparents died" 

"Okay that's enough questions" I said and she nodded her head 

"I like that you're so strong May, even though you went through a lot you're still so positive and happy" I told her and she gave me a smile 

"Thanks, my Lolo thought me that you can do anything as long as you stay happy and positive, life is too short to frown, you have to enjoy the life that the Lord gave you" She said, wow so inspirational

"Wow beautiful and smart" I complimented and I saw her look away

"Oyy MayMay don't look away" I said to her and she looked at me and I saw that there was a tint of red on her cheeks

"Ooooh MayMay you're blushing" I told her and she slapped my shoulder 

"Tigilan mo nga ako" She said and I just laughed at her and looked at her, she really was beautiful, she's so cute, specially with what she's wearing right now, she looks adorable, wait what am I saying? I shouldn't be thinking about her like that, I want Heaven, she's the only one I want. I looked at my phone and checked the time and it was getting late so I stood up and looked at MayMay

"I have to go now it's getting late, thank you for taking away my boredom and for telling me more about you" I said with a smile and she gave me a sweet smile 

"No problem I'll see you tomorrow in school, thank you also, for telling me about yourself" She said and I nodded my head

"Yah I'll see you tomorrow" I said and then she stood up

"Tara, hatid na kita sa baba" She siad and I nodded my head and we went down and then we got to the door and she opened it 

"Well goodbye then, I'll see you tomorrow" She said and gave me a hug and I was shocked with what she did, but I just hugged her back, it felt so right, I felt like I was safe with her, I feel comfortable with her, how come? It feels like I've know her for years now, and then we pulled away.

"Bye Edward, I had fun" She said and I went out and looked at her

"Bye May, I had fun too, thanks again" I said and she nodded her hand and waved and then she closed the door, I certainly had fun tonight. 


That is it for now, and things are starting to get interesting, hmmmmmm. Well I have nothing much to say but I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and thank you for all your support on "In Sickness And In Health" I really really appreciate it, thank you thank you so much my fellow flyers, Labyu Labyu, mwah mwah tsup tsup!! Buh-byeeeee!!

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