Let The Games Begin

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Lucy and I were running at top speed to the break room. Well I was running, she was just being dragged along.

We had decided to interview possible culprits in the break room, so any non-culprits would still feel safe here. I'm just saying that getting interagated in a scary room would make me want to quit, but that's just me.

We arrived at the break room. Lucy was out of breath, even though I was doing most of the running. Makarov was waitng for us. Since he dealt with most of the recruits and stuff, we decided that he would be there to tell us if there were any past suspensions.

Makarov greeted Lucy with a respectful bow, he knows she isn't exactly thrilled about this. Makarov turned to me and gave me a karate chop on the head.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR OLD MAN?!" I yelled while rubbing my head.

"You should have been more considerate when bringing Lucy here. Who taught you manners?" Gramps said in a scolding way.

"Gildarts did." I said, only kind of throwing him under the bus.

"Of course he did." Gramps sighed while shaking his head.

"Excuse me....." Lucy said to get us back on track and focused. How are we the best secret organization?! HOW ARE WE STILL SECRET?! We suck at our jobs.....

"Oh right! Right this way Lucy." Gramps said while opening the door and stepping inside. We both followed.

"We have plans to question the intelligence squad first. They have about a 100 working on computers, and about 350 field agents. We plan to start with the desk workers for the rest of the afternoon, and the field agents tomorrow. After the intelligence squad, we go to the defense squad. That squad has about 420 working in total. Half work near this area, while the other half are stationed elsewhere. Next would be the offensive team. They have about 500 members around this general area, and thousands around the world." Gramps continues to explain who she would be studying. She seems overwhelmed, as anyone would be.

"What's the time frame?" I ask. It seems like it would be too much for Lucy to question everyone in a short amount of time.

"There is no time frame, but the faster the better. Especially since Lucy is a target." Gramps said. Lucy seemed to calm down a little after hearing there was no expected time frame, but she also remembered that she was an active target. I would be panicked if I was working a job that only I could do while being a target.

Gramps lead us to a table in the center of the room. There was a stack of papers, there were names of people we- Lucy would be investigating.

Lucy sat down, almost with a thump. She might be starting to regret her decision.

"Let the games begin." Lucy said sarcastically. Gramps took notice of her sudden regret. He bowed. Gramps never bows, he is the eldest and practically the top dog. Lucy bowed back. (I don't remember where I originally wanted them to live, but they are from Japan and bow as to show respect.)

Gramps walked to the door, bringing in suspect number uno. Lucy took a deep breath and started fiddling with a pen that was on the table. I pulled over a spare chair and sat next to her.

I held her hand. She immediately squeezed when the suspect took his seat. I squeezed back. Gramps started to explain to the suspect how things would work.

Lucy looked at some writen questions that she should ask. She kind of rolled her eyes at the 'Are you an alien?' one. Gildarts must of added that in, and Gramps just didn't care enough to remove it.

Lucy looked at the suspect, the suspect looked at her. Lucy looked at every feature of his face.

"Tell me a lie." She said with a stern look.

"Um.... what?" The suspect said almost as if to say 'this witch is crazy'.

"If you don't do it, it will be seen as a sign of resistance. Now. Tell. Me. A. Lie." Lucy said, already fed up with this guy. There was a smile on her face that said 'Push my buttons. I freaking dare you.'

A drop of sweat rolled down his face. Gramps and I looked at each other. We had the same thought. Lucy is terrifying.

"Um..... I have a million dollars." A simple, boring lie. I was personally hoping for something more exciting. Maybe; I have had 5 24 hour energy drinks and had to fight for my life. I mean doesn't that sound exciting?!?

"Ok. Now, what is your full birth name. First, middle, and last." Lucy asked while fiddling with a pencil.

"Zero Kiryuu." He said. Oh yeah! Zero and I worked on a project once. Well, he worked and I supervised him and the rest of the group. He was a living version of the Grinch. I hate him with the passion of a thousand buring suns.

"Ok, Zero, have you ever betrayed this organization?" Lucy had a sharp look in her eyes. It's kind of like 'it's more fun of you lie, but don't'.


"Have you ever thought of betraying this organization?"

"I have wanted to punch a certain mo********er in this room, but other than that; no." I twitched my brow in annoyance.

"The feelings mutual." I muttered. Lucy gave me a quick jab in the gut, to which Zero giggled at.

"Ok, you are free to leave. Take your narcissistic butt out of here." Lucy shooed him out.

One down, a couple thousand to go.

Whew! I finally finished this chapter. Thank you for waiting! I need names for other agents, so leave me suggestions(just don't use your real name). And yes, Zero Kiryuu is the name of Zero from Vampire Knight. Ok, that is all. Bye❤️

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