chapter 27

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Rosie pov:-

I moaned in pain and sat down on the floor, holding my stomach. This is the third time I'm vomiting from morning. The smell of roasted chicken didn't sit right with me.

"Luna, are you okay?", Miya and siya came rushing inside holding various bottles of medicine. After seeing me vomiting the first time, miya and siya went to the healer to get medicine for me.

"No, I'm not, please help me get up", I was really tired and exhausted from yesterday night. Edward was very aggressive with me, I found it very hard to just sit up . At morning when I woke up he was not next to me. The place next to me was cold which means he went out after I fallen asleep. Something was off with him from yesterday, he was fine before but after coming to the palace, he suddenly became grumpy. With the help of siya and miya, I sat on the bed.

"I think its better to inform the king Alpha, luna", siya told keeping her hand on my head to check the temperature. I shook my head in no, Edward is a busy man and he needs to take care of his kingdom. With the war with the witches coming up he will be more busy than before.

"What did the healer say?", They both looked at each other first and then at me. Siya gave me a yellow bottle and a small wooden bowl. I looked at her confused.

"The healer thinks that...", Miya trailed off hesitantly.

"That", they both were making me nervous and curious.

"That you may be pregnant", they both screamed, with a beautiful grin adored on their faces. I looked at both of them shocked, I was speechless by the news. I didn't know how to react to the news. I may or may not be pregnant.

"The healer told us to collect your urine in this wooden bowl and bring it back for him to check. This medicine is for your sickness", without any time they ushered me inside the bathing chambers. After collecting my urine they both went running out to test it out.

Countless thoughts were running in my mind, I couldn't think properly. What if im pregnant, will Edward be happy hearing the news, will I be. Am I ready to become a mom this soon, I never thought about this. All the responsibility at once, can I manage it. What about Edward, is he ready for a baby, we never talked about one. With the war coming up will the baby be okay. With the responsibility of being a queen, will I be a better mother. What if I neglect my son like Edwards parents did.

I gasped out loud and closed my mouth with both of my hands. My SON, where did that thought come from? I stood up from the bed and paced around the room. I don't know what to do, but I know one thing, I want Edward now. To sit next to me and hold me tight in his arms and say nothing is wrong and everything will be okay, I want his support.

The door burst open and came in siya and miya with sad faces. I looked at them eagerly waiting for the results.

"Luna, you are pregnant", they said screaming in joy, jumping up and down and clapping their hands. My hands automatically went to my stomach, I gasped out loud, when I felt warmness spread on my hand from my stomach, I felt the bonding between us forming. A shock went through my hands and my heart felt warm. Tears brimmed in my eyes, few tears escaped. I laughed out loud, siya and miya wrapped their hands around me in a warm hug. I hugged them back. It was little uncomfortable because of miya's baby bump.

I know I was not ready for having a baby but no one is honestly, I will become ready as the time passes on. I was very very happy and I couldn't wait to share the news with Edward. I hope he feels the same as me. I told miya and siya not to share the news with anyone not even their sisters for now. I want Edward to know first. I was happy and nervous at the same time.


I paced around the room, trying to think of a way to say the good news to Edward. It was evening the sun was already set and it was time for Edward to return. I couldn't wipe the grin on my face from the time I heard the news. My hands went towards my stomach and I caressed my stomach slowly, I smiled when I felt the warmness again, it was the sign of our bonding. I knew the baby is a boy baby, I felt it in my heart, in my soul.

My head snapped towards the door when I heard the door open. Came in Edward looking little tired. I went towards him with the same grin on my face. He looked up at me and gave a small smile but it didn't reach his eyes, the smile looked fake and forced. My grin dropped a little.

I stood before him but before I could say something he raised his hand stopping me. He narrowed his eyes at me and leaned towards my neck and sniffed there. I was extremely confused by his behavior.

"You smell differently, your scent is changed", he said accusingly. He looked at me from head to toe for a minute, his eyes widened suddenly as if realizing something. He eyes snapped towards my stomach and he stumbled backwards.

"Edward", I called him but he didn't react he just stood there mumbling like a mad man. I went towards him and took his hand and kept it on my stomach. I smiled when I felt the warmness again.

"Edward, I'm pregnant", I whispered softly careful of his reaction, he looked at me and then at our hand which was placed on my stomach. He removed his hand from my grasp harshly, I looked at him shocked by his harsh behavior. He raked his hand in his hair.

"Are you not happy", my voice broke. I didn't expect this reaction from him. My hand stayed on my stomach, protecting my son

"No, I'm not", I flinched at his harsh angry voice. I wrapped my hands around my stomach. He looked at my hands and then at me.

"We are not ready for a baby, I'm not ready for a baby now", he spat the words at me. I stumbled back and sat on the bed. He looked furious. This was not how I expected. I thought he wanted to have children with me. His next words shook the living life out of me.

"Get rid of  it"


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