boy trouble ch.1

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Rubber ducky stickers and boy trouble? (A/N: Thanks hopeless-twit09 for the 'hilarious' comment. It kind of inspired the title.)


Casey's POV

I jumped out of the mud puddle when my phone went off, the ring tone Dynamite by Tiao Cruz. I took it out of my army camouflage Capri's pocket and flipped it open. It was the blue Env3 with a clear case. The case was clear because of the shiny rubber ducky stickers that covered it. It read that I had a new text from an unknown number. I clicked open and read it: Wanna go out sometime? It's Ricky. I closed my phone without answering. I had been getting messages from guys at school a lot. I ignored all of them. I put the phone back in my pocket and backed away from the long mud puddle I made using a hose and the dirt where the grass hadn't grown in front of our house. The strip of dirt was only there because we didn't have any fancy path up to the door, it was just that strip of dirt that was worn from walking on it all the time.

I ran forward and slid. When I reached the end I turned over and smiled. Hell yah, I thought as I laid there clearly covered in a slick mud spread. This is what I did on a June afternoon. My older sister Becca chose that moment to walk out of the house.

"Casey?! What the hell are you doing?!" She squealed. I loved her and all, but damn was she annoying.

"What the fudge does it look like I'm doing?" I asked. Being a smart ass was a gift of mine. I also tended to use the "candy code" when I swore in public. It was fun and better explains me than the usual swear.

"Your such a tomboy." She said as she rolled her eyes.

"Am not! Just because I know the RIGHT way to use a mud puddle instead of stepping over it with designer flip flops doesn't mean I'm a tomboy! You see the way I dress to school and the amount of money I spent last weekend at the mall!" I said accusingly. I got up and put my hands on my hips.

"Yah and Dad can't give me the money I need for the shorts I wanted! Thanks a lot! I know that you're a total girl when it comes to school, but do you see the way you act outside of school." She said lifting her hand up and down.

"Ok, I do have my moments, but you are SUPER girly and I'd rather not be that." I said as I looked at her pink and purple outfit. Those colors don't go together, at least not in this outfit. I crossed my arms over my black tank top.

"Whatever Casey. Your still in trouble for last summer." She said before walking away. She just wouldn't let it go. I was NOT a tomboy just because I liked to climb trees AND wear a skirt. I just find outdoors fun and I love being a girl. I don't think anyone in California has as many short jean shorts as me!

I walked into the house and grabbed my favorite pair of jean shorts and another tank top. This one a dark blue. I grabbed a towel and ran into the bathroom before my mom saw my appearance. When I was done with the shower and dressed I grabbed my phone and went into the backyard. I had thought about going on the roof, but then decided against it. I had a thing for heights, I'm not sure if I was afraid of them and that's what drove me to them, but they were fun to encounter every now and then. There was a couple trees that held our hammock. I sat on it and rocked. It was bright out and I laid back and closed my eyes before I heard the cast from the hit show Glee's rendition of Bad Romance blare from my phone. I pressed send, my eyes still closed and said hello.

"AHH! Casey! I need major help!" My best friend Peyce screamed into the speaker.

"Peyce, calm down. What's wrong?" I asked calmly though I was on the verge of getting a headache from the sudden screaming in my ear.

"My cousin bailed." She said. She sounded like she was going to cry.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Hanna can't go to the Jonas Brothers concert with me tonight! If someone doesn't go with me my mom said I can't go and her mom was the ride! Please, this means so much to me! Will you go with me?" She begged.

"Uh, Well I-" I tried.

"Please!" She interrupted my excuse.

"Peyce, I don't even like them." I clarified.

"I know, but please! This would mean so much."

"Peyce, I can hear your puppy dog face through the phone. It isn't gonna work."

"Please, please, please, please." I sighed.

"Yes, I'll go with you, but only if your mom drives us. She's used to this obsession." I said.

"That won't be a problem. Thanks Case. Love you, bye!"

"Love you too." I said before I hung up. I had just sold my night for the price of my best friend's happiness. I pictured how excited Peyce's face must have been just now and I smiled. She had that face that could brighten up anyone. She had brown hair and eyes, while I had blonde hair and blue eyes. We didn't look a lot alike, but we had a lot in common. Unlike me and my sister, who had blonde hair like me and brown eyes, but we were nothing alike.

I looked down and shrugged. This outfit would have to do for a concert I didn't even want to go to. It would be different if it was a Godsmack or AC/DC concert, but this was the Jonas Brothers. I put my hair down in the natural waves that I had and put in a headband. I already had eyeliner and mascara on, that would do.

Going back to the hammock, I enjoyed the last moments of peace before tonight.



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