Push the damned button

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We where finally outside our hotel now, and we where of corse having a small argument amongst ourselvs. The hotel itself was bigger than the ones we usually stayed at when we visited London. It was a few stories taller, and located closer to those fancy shops that Beth insisted upon visiting.

"Seriously guys, I am fine now," I looked at each girl in turn, starting with Kate and ending with Rose just to get my point across.

"You didnt look fine five minutes ago" Kate shot in, her eyebrow going up, not quite believing me.

I shrugged. "The walk here has calmed me down. And quite frankly I am just tired. I was thinking about taking a power nap in our room. And I dont want you guys sitting in the room all day while I sleep, when you guys could be out here shopping, HERE in LONDON" I exclaimed, flinging my left arm away from my body in a half circle at the " HERE in LONDON" to make my point. "Besides, you all know I hate trekking up and down Oxford Street, so its a win win situation!" I added to futher make my point.

"She does make sense," Beth said, her lust for shopping clouding her bright blue eyes..

Rose and Kate looked at eachother, then at me. "Fine, but call us if you need anything, or if you decide that you want to join us after all", Rose said with a half smile on her pink lips.

I smiled at them, my heart melting a bit at their concern, well Rose and Kates concern anyways, considering Beth was already mentally tallying the shops she had to visit and the hours she had left before dinner to do so.

"Sure, I promise to call if anything comes up" I say with a slightly bigger grin now. They always could make me feel better, with a few words, or just their precence.

"But you will meet us for dinner later on wont you?" Rose asked with a slight frown.

"Yes, at six?" I ask confirming the time. We had already picked the place to eat yesterday. I had won at rock, paper, sciscors, to the others dread as my choice of restaurant was The rainforest cafe.

Rose nods, gives me a hug, and they all start walking towards the shopping district, the spring back in their step.

Shopping was the reason that we decided to stay in this particular hotel. Beth had insisted on staying in a hotel that was within walking distance of her favourite shops. And per usual she got what she wanted.

I turned towards the hotel and went through the electric doors. The air was a bit cooler inside, it felt nice, and I instantly relaxed. I crossed over to the right side, and went over to where the elevator was. I pressed the button, and wouldnt you know it, it was already occupied by someone else. The elevator was slowly draging itself between floors. I watched the numbers above the doors as they unhurriedly blink from one number to the next. There always seemed to be people using the elevator in this hotel, it felt like we had been waiting for that damned elevator all week long.

I turned around and walked towards the exit again. I might as well go to the small convinence store next door to get some snacks, since I was staying in our room almost the entire day. I went through the electric doors, and was attacked by the blinding sunlight outside. I shielded my eyes with my right hand, trying to ward off the burning rays. I then navigated to the shop next door, grabbed some snacks, some drinks, payed the nice man, and went back inside the hotel.

Once inside the lobby, I crossed over to the right side, and found myself in front of the elevator doors once again. I pressed the button, and sure enough, it wasnt on this floor, someone was using it again. I glanced up above the elevator doors, the elevator was going up. It stopped on my floor for a bit, before it started dragging itself down towards the lobby again. A small ping, and the doors opened. I entered the elevator, and pressed the button for my floor, it was the top floor of the hotel, so even though the elevator was slow I was glad that the hotel had one.

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