Chapter 7

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Y/N's pov:


The sound of my phone ringing woke me up.

" Who would call so early in the morning?"  I reached for my phone on the nightstand and checked the caller's id.


Why on earth is she calling?

" Hello?"

" Come to the house now. I've got a new job for you. You don't need to work as a maid anymore so you can live on the streets for all I care. Just come now. We have a guest waiting."

With that, she ended the call.

* Sigh* Guess I need to change...

After changing, I quickly ran out of the house and went next door, ignoring Woojin who was sitting in the living room using his phone.

*Ding dong*

I rang the doorbell and was greeted by my stepmother.

" Come in." She instructed and left the door opened for me.

When I entered the living room, my whole body froze. Park Jung ho was sitting on the sofa smiling at me.

" W-What are you doing here?" I stuttered at the sight of him.

He ignored my question and smirked at me.

" Y/N, as I was saying, you have a new job now." My mother appeared from behind.

" What is it?"

" You'll be working at the pub as a prostitute. " She smiled while saying that.

" W-What?"

" Your job starts today. That's your first customer. Enjoy. " With that, she left the house.

" Let's start, shall we? " I heard Jung ho and turned around.

He then launched at my neck and started giving me love bites.

" S-Stop.." Tears were overflowing my eyes.

" Don't be shy. " He said and kissed me.

He started touching some inappropriate places making me more afraid of him.

"Ha-Hajima!" I screamed but he shushed me up with a slap.


The door slammed opened and Park Jung ho immediately released me from his grasp.

I dropped to the floor and dug my head in between my knees, sobbing uncontrollably.

I could hear punching sounds that died down after awhile. After that, someone touched my shoulders.

" Ah! Don't touch me! Please, I beg you!" I shouted, thinking that it was Jung ho, and dug my head deeper into my knees while grabbing my head.

" Gwenchana it's just me. Woojin. " Woojin said as he slowly embraced me in a hug.

" Woo-Woojin na museowo...(I'm scared) " I cried into his chest.

" It's okay... Everything's fine now. I'm here. " He cooed while patting my back.

After a while, I finally calmed down and he helped me sit on the sofa.

" Are you feeling better now?" Woojin asked again.

" I'm fine. Thank you. " I avoided his gaze on me.

" Actually... I overheard the whole conversation.." Woojin broke the silence between us.

I looked at him with wide opened eyes.

" A-Are you going to kick me out of the house?"  I asked.

" No, I'm not. If I kick you out, Daehwi would kill me. " Woojin responded making me chuckle a little.

" About your new job..." He trailed off.

" What about it?" I asked with zero excitement in my voice. " Are you going to make fun of me now saying I'm a slut and all that?" I chuckled bitterly.

" Of course not! Why would I? " Woojin quickly said.

" Then what about my job?"

" I'll accompany you to the pub every day. I'll make sure those guys don't touch you. " He said while holding my hand.

" Thank you.." I thanked him with a weak smile plastered on my face.

" Do you want to tell the other boys about this?" Woojin asked.

" Won't they just hate me even more?"

" They don't hate you. They just don't interact with girl that much because of their mo-" Woojin suddenly stopped.

" Because of your mothers right?" I continued.

" H-How did you know?" Woojin asked in shock.

" Daehwi told me. I lost my mother too. I lost both my parents. That's why I'm cold to people. I hate to interact with them. " I spilled everything out.

" I see... Don't worry the boys really care about you a lot. " Woojin reassured me. " I care about you a lot too. " He added.

" Thanks for everything Woojin. " I thanked him.

" No problem. " Woojin winked.

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