The Annual Invitation

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The Greatest Showman | Chapter 4

                             Chapter Four                   ~ the annual invitation

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                             Chapter Four
                   ~ the annual invitation


As Phillip and Barnum walked side by side keeping up with their status and business while Charity, the girls and Anne walking behind having their little talks. Mr. Barnum was very eager to see Lettie and everyone as he was getting closer to the lobby, he can smell something of an a aroma of warm and  hearty which flowed out the kitchen, he figured it was breakfast so of course they have were awake. As he was moving toward walking and pacing looking side to side, every room looking for them after the issues last year that were circling in the circus Barnum thought they might think that he cares about himself and just want to make a buck but he cares about them as well they were like family to him.

As he was looking around admiring his surroundings As his footsteps stopped to a halt.

"Well, Phillip, where are they? I want to give them a warm greeting " he smiled, twiddling his thumb on his silk hat.

"Right this way, " He said indicating the way giving a little run as he keeps up with Barnum pace.

As he was walking he heard the chatter, the laughter and a specific voice he distinctly remembered he smiled knowing he that laugh was hers. "Lettie" he whispered under his breath while little by little recognizing each voice which echoed from the distance.

"Mr. Barnum, everyone will be very surprised to see you," Phillip said walking by Barnum leading the way to the kitchen which they were located.

As he was by the curtain where he can hear the chatter. Barnum walked slowly when approaching not trying to make a noise wanting to give them a special surprise.

"They're right in there, " Phillip said about to open the curtain the voice growing louder and louder

"Phillip I want to surprise them so you go ahead and give them a show, " he said straightening his back and properly putting his top hat. From all the tension the girls in the back couldn't stop their little giggles of the excitement to see everyone once again excitedly following their father's instructions for the surprise.

"Shhh, darlings we don't want to ruin the surprise, " Charity hushed, giving a smile when rubbing their shoulders to help calm them from all the excitement they had contained in them.

Phillip quietly nods and slowly pulls the curtain as the Barnum family stays behind "Ahem !" Phillip interrupted out of the blue waiting for everyone to quiet down for he could continue.

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