Tsuna wake up-morning

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'' Where am I?'' Tsuna opened her eyes and rub her eyes

'' This is look like my bedroom'' Tsuna look her surrounding

Reborn unlocked the door and look shocked

" Princess" Reborn hug Tsuna

Tsuna startled Reborn hug her noway

" Reborn did I sleep for long time?" Tsuna asked

" Hai Princess"

" Reborn..." Tsuna want to asked but Fuuta come in suddenly and Reborn release his arms

" Tsuna onee chan" Fuuta hug Tsuna with tears in his eyes

Tsuna patted Fuuta hair

" Tsuna onee chan did you're remember me?" Fuuta stare Tsuna eyes

" Of course Fuuta chan" Tsuna have smile expression on her face

" Did Ky..?" Tsuna saw the clock on the wall

" I need to get ready for school" She put her leg down from her bed

" Princess where did you want to go?" Reborn curious and asked

" Reborn, ofcourse I will go to school"

Reborn blur

" Reborn get out from my bedroom now!!" Tsuna shout

" Sorry princess" Reborn blur competely gone after Tsuna shout at him and walked out with Fuuta

" Did Tsuna onee chan angry at me? " Fuuta who still kid didn't understand

" No she not angry at you, let wait princess in the kitchen" Reborn patted Fuuta hair

Ten minutes later~

" I felt refreshing after washing" She wipe her wet hair with towel

She look her school uniform at closet and changing to school uniform

After done changing she walked down from her bedroom

And walked in her kitchen

" Tsunahime are you okay today?" Hayato asked

" I am fine, thanks asked me" Tsuna have smile expression on her face

" Welcome"

" Tsuna, Hayato it's bit worried about you he could not sleep yesterday"

" It's between me and you only" Hayato cover Tamami mouth

" Did Tamami and Hayato sleep here yesterday?" Tsuna intuition

" Yes princess Tsuna"

" Tsuna chan forget about me.." Misa sulking

" I'm sorry grandma" Tsuna hug her grandmother

"I have a good news, Tamami cooks us some delicious breakfast today" Misa inform

" Really.." Tsuna excited

" I hope it suit your taste" Tamami embrassed

" But Tamami cooks smell delicious" Tsuna smell the aroma of food

" Thank you Tsuna"

" Let eat now or we will late"

" Before that, tsunahime how about today just put away your spectacle and your scarf for today"

" Why?" Tsuna asked

" Tamami you agree with me, right that Tsunahime is beautiful"

" I agree" Tamami raise her hand

" Tsuna oneechan is pretty"

Tsuna in tears

" Even someone told you ugly, you already beautiful inside and out" Reborn said

" Thank you minna" Tsuna rub her tears

See you next time ~

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