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"Bring her in!" called out a majestic guard of the heavens.

Two broad shoulders and strong guards brought in a beautiful maiden. She was a goddess of heaven who was well loved by the others. Each guard held tightly onto her arm and brought her into the cloud palace. They forced her to kneel down, pushing her down onto her knees.

"Tell me, do you know what your crimes are?" the Dragon Emperor asked.

He was the king of all gods. The almighty Golden Dragon King. A golden light emitted from behind him as he sat comfortably on his throne made of pure gold. Two dragons were carved onto the throne. On each side were beautiful maidens who fanned the king with large golden fans. There was the Phoenix queen beside him on her very own golden throne. Her beauty was everlasting and her elegance would make any women bow down willingly. The Dragon King's strong and mighty look could make any mortal swoon over him. His piercing dragon eye made the other gods know their place and that he was a strong ruler who will manage the heavens. The large golden robe embroidered with dragons in gold thread and red accents encased the emperor's heavenly body. His queen was well dressed in only the best silk made of gold as well. The two was a like majestic couple.

"I will not accept my actions as a crime" the prisoner goddess replied.

The emperor slammed his precious royal hand onto the armrest of the golden throne.

"Nonsense!" he roared.

The heavens shook and everyone froze. A dragon was not to be messed with. The king discharged a dangerous aura that could prove to be the end of all heavens and earth.

The queen stood up and touched her husband's shoulder.

"My king, please sit down and contain yourself. Your dragon body must not be enraged" she said with her melodic voice.

She was like a harp whose song soothes everyone through a loud storm.

"Tell me, do you know your crimes!? Going down to the mortal realm is forbidden unless you were assigned to by me. What you have done is unforgivable! I must set an example for the rest so that this will not be repeated again" the emperor raged.

His dragon's eyes were wide with rage. His wrinkles became eminent and his eyebrows drew into the center.

The prisoner goddess lifted her head and looked at the emperor. Despite dressing in a simple white robe with her hair let down, her beauty shone brightly. She was like a rock containing mineral on the inside.

"Tell me, your majesty, have you ever understand love? What if I tell you that people, animals, and cultivators are living organisms that prove to hold such an immense power called love. Would you believe me if I were to tell you that there are some tragedies on earth that could shake the heavens?" the goddess asked a smirk on her face and her eyes lit up.

Despite the situation that she was in, the goddess was filled with content and confidence.

"Then why don't we make a bet. Tell me these stories of your's and all of your discoveries. If it could move me to tears, I will let you go and be a mortal and experience it yourself as your punishment. If you fail, I will put you into the furnace and turn you into a pill after 7x7, 49 days of burning in the cauldron." the emperor said with his lips curving in a smile, confident that he would not lose.

The goddess had a mischievous smile on her face. She looked down, then back up at the emperor.

"I will tell you four stories. The first will be of two lovers, both mortals. A beauty of a princess whose looks are unparalleled. The other is a duke of such handsomeness that the birds would stop mid-flight and fall to the ground. Two, neither had any status problems, will eventually end with an everlasting fire of love, but an always ending breath of life" the goddess summarized.


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