Chapter 14

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3rd persons pov
Today was different hunter woke up with a smile plastered on her face and when she checked her phone she saw it was at fully battery but it didn't stop there she checked the time and saw she had enough time to get ready for school and stop by Cheryl's for a quick girl chat.

She slipped on her slippers and walked out into the kitchen where she toasted bread and made herself a cup of tea "good morning" Jughead said plainly already dressed and ready for school "Hey Juggie" she cheered.

She bit into her toast and drank her tea "whats got you so cheery this morning?" She shrugged and finished off her toast before placing her plate in the sink "i feel it's gonna be a great day" he chuckled and hugged his sister "oh by the way Fred is back home" she giggled and placed her hand on his shoulder "I know brother"

She skipped into her room and changed her clothes.

She grabbed her bag and skipped outside to her bike "SEE YA JUG!" She screamed before bringing her bike to life and driving to Cheryl's.

"Cheryl!" She  cheered jumping on her friends bed she smiled and hugged her "hey Hunter..." Hunters cheerful expression was replaced by a small smile as she used the pad of her thumb to wipe away the tears coming from her bestfriends eyes. "It gets better I promise" Cheryl sat up angrily and looked at her in the eyes "AND HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THAT?" She sighed and wiped away some tears "because he raped me...and I tried to kill myself" Cheryl gripped Hunters forearm and sobbed into her shoulder as they hugged.

"I'm so sorry hunter..f-for being such a horrible friend" hunter wiped away both their tears and said "it's not your fault Cheryl"

She got off her bed and tugged Cheryl off too "get dressed we're skipping today" Cheryl huffed and walked into her ginormous closet.

Hunter smiled at her bestfriend as she passed her a helmet. "I'm not getting on that thing" her bestfriend Protested "Hurry up" hesitantly Cheryl sat on the bike and wrapped her arms around her bestfriends waist "fine let's go."

By the time they were there both the girls were enjoying the freedom. "Come on we have to take a photo" hunter set up her phone and put on a timer as they posed. They both checked it out and smiled "Post it!!" Cheryl squealed.

 They both checked it out and smiled "Post it!!" Cheryl squealed

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Hunter.Jones: my bestie needed a Day out! #weskippedschoolforthis #theflowersarepretty
Tagged: @cherylbombshell

Jughead.jones: I was so worried about you!!!😓
Hunter.jones: Aww I'm sorry
Jughead.jones: your forgiven😊

Vlodge: where's my invite
Hunter.jones: lost in the mail

Bettycoops: sluts😒
Hunter.jones: get off my page then

CherylBombshell: Love ya!!

ArchAndrews: get home safe!!
Hunter.jones: we will!!
CherylBombshell: with her driving...I don't think so😔😝

They laughed and Cheryl posted a picture too.

Cherylbombshell: doing something illegal🤫🙈Tagged:@Hunter

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Cherylbombshell: doing something illegal🤫🙈

Bettycoops: not you too😒
CherylBombshell: shut the fuck up betty
Hunter.jones: my brother won't be dating you long with that attitude
Bettycoops: we'll see

Hunter.Jones: sowwy
CherylBombshell: were sowwy

Jughead.Jones: Aww bestfriend goals!
Hunter.jones: ssh

Hunter.jones: after she posted this a train came😂
CherylBombshell: it was scary
Hunter.jones: ik🙈

To be continues...

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