9: Доверьтесь мне

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Chapter nine : Доверьтесь мне
                                      (trust me)

Luca's POV

A day later, we arrive in Tennessee. My friend lived in Cleveland, he ran an illegal business making all sorts of fake IDs, passports, you name it. We drive steadily along the road, Lana was staring out the window dreamily. I speed through the towns, eventually we arrive in Cleveland. I drive near the edge of town where my friend lives in a warehouse. 

It was exactly like I remembered it, a huge grey warehouse that looked like it had been ransacked and abandoned. 

"Lana, we're here." 

"This is your friend's place?" She says bewildered. 

"Yeah, it's a lot nicer inside." We both hop out of the car and walk into the warehouse. There was loud music playing, multi-coloured spotlights shone down on us. 

"ALFONSO!" I yell, I see the man dancing behind the kitchen counter. 

"Luca? Is that really you? You didn't say you were coming!" He yells with happiness, he had the same crazy afro and the loud coloured clothes he always wore. He runs up to me and engulfs me in a hug, he then looks at Lana. 

"New girlfriend huh? You are one lady killer!" Alfonso says, as he goes into hug Lana. 

"Umm, Alfonso we're not dating, this is Lana. Lana, Alfonso." I say, ignoring his girlfriend comment. 

"Okay okay, what do you need from me ?" Alfonso says turning to face me again. 

"We need some new IDs and passports." 

"Ah! Perfecto, I can get this done for you tonight!" Alfonso mutters happily. "Come! We need to take some headshots." 

Lana and I follow him through a series of doors until we arrive in a small room where a camera and a white backdrop is set up. 

"Ladies first!" Alfonso says, gesturing Lana to stand behind the backdrop. She does so, keeping her expression completely neutral. In fact, she almost looked bored. I was next, I stand there and try to keep my eyes open when the harsh flash of the camera blinks. 

"Perfecto! Kiera! Where are you?" Alfonso yells, a timid brunette hurriedly walks out to us. 

"Yes sir?" 

"Start printing these two some passports, while we get some lunch." 

Kiera nods her head obediently as we follow Alfonso to the dining room which is full of disco lights. 

"Sit sit! I will get some drinks, and some snacks!" Alfonso says as he rushes out into the kitchen. 

"I've got a bad feeling about him, are you sure he can be trusted?" Lana whispers.

"I've known him for years, he wouldn't harm a fly." I say, Lana nods her head although it looked like she didn't really believe me. We sit at the table for a good ten minutes. 

"What's taking him so long?" 

"I'll find out." I say getting up I jog into the kitchen. "Alfonso?" I call out, I see him behind the kitchen counter holding a few cans of coca cola while whispering to someone on the phone. 

"Alfonso." I say more aggressively, he jumps up and hastily hangs up from the phone call. "Who was that?" 

"Nobody, an ex-girlfriend is ranting to be about who knows what!" Alfonso replies, picking up the cans of coke and walking back into the dining room. He was definitely lying... but who was he talking to on the phone? 

"Sit down Luca, or you'll have a stroke!" Alfonso says cheerily, as he begins to chug his coke. 

"Who were you calling Alfonso?" I say harshly, Lana stands up slowly while reaching for the gun in the holster of her jeans. 

"I told you, an ex-girlfriend called me." 

"Don't lie to me."

Alfonso sighs heavily, "come now Luca let's all be friends." 

"Not until you tell me what's going on!" I yell, I charge forwards taking out my pen knife I hold it to Alfonso's neck. 

"Get his phone from his pocket, check who he last called." 

Lana hastily grabs his phone and scrolls through it, "there's no name it's just a number." She says. 

"Call it." I say. She calls the number and puts it on speaker, it rings. 

"Kon'nichiwa?" Says the voice on the other end of the phone, Lana abruptly hangs up. 

"The Japanese?!" I shout, digging the knife deeper into Alfonso's neck. 

"I'm sorry!" He winces, "they put a bounty on her head! The prize was five million dollars! I couldn't turn that down, I'm in debt to some bad people!" 

"Look, they only want the girl Luca! Just hand her over to the Japanese, I'll split the money with you!"

I don't respond, instead I slam his head on the table. Knocking him out cold. 

"We need to get out of here, now." 

"The passports!" Lana pulls out her gun and walks back into the room we were previously in. I hear her yelling at who I presume is Keira, five minutes later she comes back holding two fake passports. 

"Come on!" I say and we sprint back out to our truck, pull out of the warehouse and speed down the highway as quickly as possible. 

"What are we going to do?" Lana asks, her voice was shaky. 

"We can't drive to New York, they could catch up with us easily now that Alfonso called them. We need to find the nearest airport and get to somewhere safe-" 

"I think I know somewhere." Lana interrupts.  "My Father built a cabin up in the mountains in Russia, I haven't been there in years since..." 

"Since what?" I question.

"Since my Mother died." 

We both fall silent, Lana had never mentioned her Mum before. 

"Sounds like a plan." I say trying to ease the tension, "let's go to Russia." 


What's gonna happen? ;) 

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