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Ok before I start to write, I would like to say that none of this is meant to offend anything-

I was just bored and wanted to start to writing a story.

Most of the Minecraftians in this story don't belong to me, they are either their own people or fan creations. A few do belong to me which I will state who they are later on. I don't want to spoil anything.

I didn't  find out until just recently that there are evil fan creations for many of the other youtubers that are in my story. Though I looked them up, chances are that I won't use these ones, I will create my own evil versions. The only ones I will use for sure are of course Enderlox, Skybrine, and WitherMU. I will also for sure use Sukio, but I can't make any guarantees on any others.

Minecraft also of course doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Mojang.

I also do own this story, I didn't base it off of any other stories, only my pure imagination.

Any pictures in this story will be put up on my DeviantArt account, which I will also put up later.

There will most likely be more announcements to come, and I hope you all enjoy my first fanfic! :D

~Kaitlyn Fox-Dog~

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