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Two years later and Lillian has figured the whole family thing out. It's amazing as she watches her little cousin open her birthday presents only to eat the wrapping afterwards. It's amazing to watch as Jeremiah and Eliseo get better at baseball. Lillian never realized that family could be good thing, related or not. She had always thought it was some kind of trap that sent every child into the depths of Hell, returning with bumps and bruises and burns. But no. Family can be good. There are still some rough patches here and there with her moms, but they're easier to fix than they used to be. It's mainly just arguing over whether she's ready to go out and help Supergirl save the day (which she totally is).


Lillian gets along with Alex more than anyone else besides Lena and Kara. She went to Alex when she found out she had a crush on a non binary person at school. Since Alex was still fairly new to the LGBTQ+ community she had to look up what non binary was (and even then she was still a little confused). Alex talked her through most of it and she went an entire two months without her moms knowing, until she brought the person home and introduced them as 'the person she really likes'.

Their name is Dallas and their hair is really soft. Sometimes their hair is all Lillian can talk about until her moms have to shut her up. She met them in drama class freshman year of high school and ever since, she's been wanting to learn more about them (in a non creepy stalker way of course).

She really does have Kara's personality.

Winn and James are the ones to embarrass her in front of them. They always tease about having to buy extra french fries because she'd eat both of theirs before they even took a bite out of their sandwich, or about that one time she thought it would be a good idea to fit into a baby swing at the park and ended up getting stuck for hours until she finally decided to break the swing apart. Except, they never told the part where she had to break the swing to get out.

That's another thing she hated. Not being able to tell people what she can do. Show them what she can do. It's a pain in the ass sometimes to not be able to share something so important with someone who is close to you. But how would Dallas react if they knew? Would they flip a lid? Would they walk away? How was Lillian supposed to know?


Lucy and Vasquez moved into a house near the Luthor-Danvers, and Lillian couldn't have been more excited to be able to play with their many pets. They had two dogs, a cat, a lizard, fish, a hamster, and a parrot. Lilli loved it when she got to visit. Sometimes instead of going to Alex for help she would go to Vasquez (she later learned that Vasquez's first name is Susan and her middle name is Victoria).

Lillian loved the little make shift family that her mothers had made. She loved all of her aunts and uncles and cousins, even if they all weren't exactly blood related. There were still times when Lilli felt as if she didn't belong, but everyone reassured her as well as they could with her being so stubborn (something she inherited from both of her mothers). She trained with Kara in the Green Room almost everyday after school in order to enhance whatever power she had. Though she wasn't immune to scratches or bullet wounds J'onn still sent her out to deal with bank robberies or easy aliens. That wasn't enough for Lillian. She wanted to do more good, she wanted to be out there helping Kara fight the tough aliens.


Lillian's eyes were currently blue as she stalked the halls of the DEO to find the mother with the same beautiful eyes. She turned a corner absentmindedly, running into something that felt hard and steel like.

"Oof," she grunted as she fell back, only to feel a strong hand grab a hold of her arm.

"Sorry about that kiddo," Kara's eyes were bright as she hauled Lilli back up to her feet.

"It's alright," Lilli laughed, "I think I might bruise for a few hours. Oh uh, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure, what's up?" Kara furrowed her eyebrows down at her daughter.

"I uh... I was wondering if I could..." Lilli started off nervously but began to become more confident in herself as she explained her thought out decision to Kara.


"Absolutely not," Kara said sternly as she started to walk away, knowing she might give in if she looked into the blue eyes that resembled hers so much. Lilli wasn't having it though, and stubborn as she was, decided to follow her mother.

"Please mom, I want to do something other than just walk in a bank and throw a few punches everyday!" Lilli begged her blonde mother as she followed her out and into the halls of the DEO.

"Lillian, I have told you already. It's dangerous!" Kara stopped in the middle of the hallway and pulled Lillian to the side.

"But you do it! Mom, I know you're not invincible. I know I'm not invincible. If you were me, wouldn't you want to be out there fighting the big guys? I mean, you told me stories about the first time the DEO found you, about J'onn not trusting you and Alex being the only one that believed in you. Please be my Alex," she pleaded, knowing full well her mother was regretting letting her take Journalism and a persuasive speech and writing course.

Kara let out a deep sigh and looked to her right, "Fine," Lillian let out a squeal of excitement, "but you have to persuade your mother, Alex, and J'onn first."


Sooo this is really short and I'm sorry, but it's just a little filler chapter so y'all can see where Lillian is at. Not to mention HeavenHelping is making me write as well, so there will be plenty more updates to come for those of you still reading!
Hope y'all enjoy!

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