Chapter 6

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Y/N's pov:

Right now, I was with the boys and they are on their way to find Jung ho.

" Can you call Jung ho to come here? We'll hide there. When he comes here, we will come out. " Woojin instructed while his eyes were looking everywhere but me.

" Okay.." I quickly whipped out my phone and dialed Jung ho's number while the boys went to hide behind the locker.

" Hello?"

" Babe, you called? What's wrong? Did Jihoon do anything to you?"

" No, he didn't. I just called to see if you can meet me at my locker. "

" Sure. I'll head there right now. See you, Princess!"

I quickly hanged up the call and showed an 'okay' sign to the boys.

" Princess!"  A few minutes later, I heard Jung ho's voice and turned around.

" H-Hey.." I stuttered at the sight of him.

" Why did you call me? Oh, I know. " He smirked and approached me.

He then cornered me and stared into my eyes.

" S-Stop. " I stuttered.

" Playing hard to get huh?"

Someone, please help me...

He was about to attack my lips when a loud bang interrupted him.

" Park Jung ho!" Sungwoon shouted.

" Aish what do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?" Jung ho asked, annoyed.

At that moment, I felt someone pull me and immediately tensed up in fear.

" It's just me. " The person whispered into my ear.

It was Jihoon.

" You scared me.." I mumbled and watched the chaotic scene in front of me.

The boys were beating Jung ho up really really badly.

"Ya... Aren't you guys too harsh on him?" I whispered to Jihoon.

" Compared to what he did to you and me, this is nothing much. Trust me. " Jihoon whispered back with his eyes glued to the scene.

" Park Jung ho try beating one of my members again and see what happens. " Woojin scolded one last time before walking away with the rest. "And also, don't touch girls that obviously hates you. " He added before walking off again.

Jihoon took my hand and dragged me along.

Suddenly I felt a hand grabbing onto my ankle and screamed causing the boys to all turn back.

" " Jung ho gripped onto my ankle tighter making me wince in pain.

" Ya haven't you learnt your lesson of keeping your hands to yourself yet?" Jihoon scolded and kicked away his hand that was grabbing onto my ankle.

" Let's go. " Jihoon pulled me nearer to him and walked with the rest.

I looked back to Jung ho and he mouthed back 'see you tomorrow' and smirked.

I felt uneasy about his words and unknowingly squeezed Jihoon's hand.

" Waeyo?" Jihoon looked at me, face filled with concern.

" A-Aniyo. "

" Don't worry, if he does anything to you just call us. The boys might seem cold and all that but they really care for you, just like I do. " Jihoon replied with a reassuring smile and squeezed my hand.

I nodded with a small smile.

" Go to sleep Y/N. Tomorrow, we will head to the nearby cafe for breakfast before going to school. " Jihoon tugged me in bed.

" Goodnight. " He pecked my forehead and left the room.

I blushed at the sudden contact but calmed myself down and slowly fell asleep.

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