Chapter 13

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"Where's Harry?" Rowan asked sliding down the stairs and into Zayn's embrace. Zayn shrugged and pointed in the direction of his office but he knew that she would not find him there.

"Harry!" She called and entered his office, only to find it vacant and silent. She raised her eyebrows, more confused than anything and made her way to the backyard. Calling his name again, everyone seemed to be on edge as she walked around the grassy area. Entering the first warehouse in the backyard she continued to lazily search for the boy that seemed to be nowhere. Nowhere at all.

She ran around for only a little longer before she spotted Liam, who had also spotted her and seemed to be darting in the opposite direction. She followed closely behind him and waited to for him to stop speaking to another guard, who nodded his head at her as she walked past him and into the control room.

"Good afternoon Princess." Liam smiled, he was visibly on edge and Rowan eyed him.

"Where is Harry?" She asked him and Liam shrugged.

"I'm not too sure."

"Hm, it seems to me that nobody knows where their king has run off to." She growled and Liam shrugged again.

"He's probably around here somewhere." Liam gave her a weak smile and she glared, she wanted to know what was going on behind her back. So, she marched out of the control room and back down into Harry's office. Her hands finding the nearest file and flipping through it before moving onto the next. She flipped and flipped for a few moments before a person cleared their throat.

"Find what you were looking for?" Harry asked her and she smiled running up to him. Their lips locked for a moment before she giggled.

"Yes I did." He rolled his eyes, a smirk present on his lips.

"Where have you been?" She asked as he rounded his desk and sat in the leather chair. He ran his hands through his hair and leaned back far.

"Out." He replied shortly. It was Rowan's turn to roll her eyes and it didn't go unnoticed.

"Mind your business and go get to work." He chuckled and as rude as it should have sounded to her, it didn't. So she complied and waltzed her way to her office. Pulling the ring from underneath her desk she rolled it around in her palm for a moment before reading the numbers over and over again.


It was the day her mother had died. Rowan was never given much information on the day, and it meant nothing and everything to her at once. She wished to remember the day. It was over three years ago and it never crossed her mind. Her mother was an angel, the only thing that kept her father sane. But, she was brutal to the young girl. Rowan was never going to be perfect in her mother's eyes. She was scared of turning every corner with the young girl. And when she died, the whole world spun in slow motion but only for a second.

She remembered when her father found out. He screamed. He broke everything in his sight and then he sobbed on the ground of their kitchen for an hour. He didn't move from that spot for a day. And then when he finally did move, it was only to tell her to pack her things. They were going away for awhile. As if a vacation were to fix this. She remembered when Holden had told her. He was a mess. In tears and couldn't barely make out the words. A mission had gone horribly wrong and she remembered the way her heart stopped when the words left his mouth.

The vacation didn't help. Neither did this ring. And neither did the fact that she couldn't remember a single thing about the day.

"What's the date?" Harry asked leaning against the door slightly. She hadn't even noticed he was there or how long he had been there.

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