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I don't know when I should update this but, I will tell you I have been so in love with the visuals in OTR II.

To get to see Sir Carter and Rumi is amazing because it's the twins and they are soooo cuteeee. So cute I literally cried.

I cried seeing Bey and jay renewing their vows (let me know if I put that together right I'm tired lol) and I'm over here just like "omg they have a full house now) shout out to Full house because that was my show.

I really am just amazed once again by them.

Beyoncé being Jessica rabbit and Blue being Rogger rabbit. That is sooo cute omg honestly would've never thought to do that. Jessica rabbit and roger rabbit are whew! Jessica rabbit is that girl.

Alsoooo Blue is WAY tooo cute! Her hair is sooo cute ughhh!!! I love it!

Anyway sorry for the rant...

How y'all feel about the OTR II TOUR?

Y'all going?

If you already experienced it good job I hope you had fun!


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