chapter nineteen ; danger days

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march. 2010

"Finn? Are you okay?"

The boy with curly hair suddenly jolted his head sideways and nearly dropped his fork. Ever since he'd got off work his anxiety had been off the charts. He was pretty much just waiting for someone to snipe him. Since he knew that Dom didn't really need him anymore, he assumed that Dom wouldn't want him alive.

The same thing pretty much happened with Millie. They didn't need her, they viewed her as a liability, so they wanted to kill her. It made sense for them to take out any targets that could be a threat. Since they were a massive business they couldn't take any chances.

"Yeah, I'm okay mom." He answered with a fake smile on his face. It did feel good to be living at home again. He was still paying rent on his condo, in case he needed to go back there, but for the most part he was living at home again.

Karen simply nodded and continued eating her meal. Natalia on the other hand could tell that Finn definitely was not okay. She knew that he was in an extroardinarily dangerous business and she didn't want anything to happen to her little brother. If it ever came down to it, she would gladly sacrifice her life for his.


"Finn, come in." Millie said rather happily just a moment after she opened the door to reveal her friend.

The curly haired boy stepped into the small apartment. He kept his hands in his pockets as he walked to stop them from shaking so badly. His anxiety had been off the charts ever since he overheard Dom and Marvin talking about getting rid of him. He wanted answers but he knew he wouldn't be able to get any.

He grabbed Millie's hands and held them as he looked into her eyes. She felt her heart start to speed up and she cocked her head in confusion.

"I think Dom and his men might want to kill me, and replace me with Marvin. I overheard them talking and it turns out that Marvin has been memorizing my recipe and they won't need me anymore and... I'm scared." He stated as he tried his best to stay calm. He looked like he was just going to burst out crying although he knew he had to stay strong.

She squeezed his hands and cracked a slight smile. "Yo dude I think you should get out of town just to be safe. Go to Colorado for a month or two, have some fun and forget about this stuff."

Finn shrugged. It was a good idea however he couldn't simply run from his problems forever.


"Well damn Finn, it's a shame." Sean said with a deep sigh.

Sean was crouched down on the floor next to the giant safe in his office. Finn kept his money at Sean's office just to be safe. Of course the lawyer didn't mind, in fact he often used Finn's money to buy lunch or a cinnamon roll. He obviously never told his client about that little fact.

"Y'know if only you were the only one who knew the recipe. Then Marvin would be useless, they couldn't kill you, and you could keep working." The middle aged man voiced wifh a shrug.

Even though he wasn't being completely serious, Sean's statement set off a lightbulb in Finn's head.

If Marvin was gone, they would still need him. He knew that Dom wouldn't murder the best meth cook in the south-west United States. He needed the best meth cook around and Finn was just that.

"Put the money back." Finn said firmly as he crossed his arms. A smirk appeared on his face and Sean knew that he had some sort of plan.

"They're going to need me after all." The tall boy added.

Sean dropped the two bundles of cash he was holding and looked at the younger man. He knew exactly what Finn was talking about.


Millie paced back and forth while Finn stayed motionless on the couch. He'd went over to Millie's apartment to present a plan that he'd come up with. Whenever he told it to her she absolutely flipped out.

"You want to kill Marvin?! You're a nut!" She exclaimed while making exaggerated hand motions.

Finn sighed. "Calm down Millie. I'm thinking of us, if we kill Marvin, we will have all the leverage. Dom will need me and I'll need an assistant. He will need both of us if we get rid of Marvin." He attempted to explain to his panicking friend.

"Hell no bitch! I don't want any part of that stuff. I am completely done with the meth business." The brunette girl retorted.

Although she had to admit that it was a tempting offer. All they had to do was off one single person and they'd both be on the track to become millionaires.

"I like you Finn... You've probably already made like a million bucks, why not just take the money and run?" She tried to convince him.

It was true that he'd made around one million dollars, give or take a bit, and it was enough to pay for all of his dad's medical bills. But he wasn't happy with that number. He wanted more, in fact he wanted an empire.

The boy took a step closer to his friend and gazed into her eyes. It'd been a couple days since their kiss at the restaurant and he'd been thinking about it nonstop. As he looked at her pretty face he felt a sudden urge to kiss her again.

So he did. He quickly pressed his lips against hers. It only lasted for about two or three seconds but it was still breathtaking. Millie felt her heart begin to thump out of her chest and Finn let out a very awkward giggle.

"We're both really crazy, Finn..." She muttered as she took a glance down at her bare feet that were sinking into the carpet.

"I perfer the term genius." He quickly retorted. She laughed briefly but kept staring at the ground.

Finn placed a single finger on her chin and gently lifted her head up a bit until they made eye contact. He never got tired of staring into her beautiful chocolate eyes. He cracked a grin.

They were going to win. They both knew that it could cause them a lot of pain, heartache, and unneccessary trouble, but they were determined to win.

* * * *

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