Emergency date

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Age : 15

- M I K E -

El and I haven't talked in a week.


One week ago

Right as I'm about to close the door to my locker I hear yelling. I look down the hall and see Lacy and El in the middle of a forming crowd.
Okay so a little backstory. Lacy is very popular.
And it just so happens that she likes me...
So her and all her friends, which is pretty much half of the school want us to be together.
The other half of the school have respect and common sense and understand that I'm with El and I love her with my whole life.
That doesn't matter though because Lacy and her army are persistent.
And as you can probably guess, Lacy hates El and El hates her even more. El doesn't act on it. Lacy however loves to start problems. So her and El argue at least twice a week. I'm used to this.
I wish I wasn't.
Because guess who has to intervene every time.
And every time Lacy tries to convince me that she's so great even though she was literally about to fight my girlfriend.
Makes sooooo much sense.
So much sense.
But anyways, I close my locker and walk over to where they are but it's too late.
There's a huge crowd and they're all chanting
" fight "
How original.
Well this time El and Lacy listen. Lacy throws the first punch.


I dodge Lacy's fist and push her back, then when she isn't paying attention I punch her in the stomach.
She falls back a little and acts hurt but then comes right back and grabs my neck.
She mumbles a threat into my ear but I don't even care to listen. I let out the rest of my breath and smirk a little as she flies back into the lockers.
Sometimes I'm pretty thankful I have powers.
I smile, " see you around " I say innocently and push through the crowd.
" What the fuck " I hear Lacy shout in shock and confusion.
My smile gets a little wider as I hear people gasp and her friends rush to her side.
I see Mike walking towards me and he grabs my wrists, " Why the hell would you do that? " He asks, obviously pissed.
" I wasn't going to let her win. " I said, monotone.
" You could've been caught! Do you realize how fucking stupid that was? "
" She was threatening me! "
" Bullshit! You still shouldn't have done that! People will put two and two together and know! Everyone will know Eleven! "
I pulled away from him, looked him in the eyes for a second and walked away.
Fuck that.
He should stop worrying about me for once.

- M I K E -
- present time -

I can't deal with this anymore.
I need to talk to El. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
What if she hates me now?
No. I have to fix this.

I walk to kitchen and grab the phone and call up Hopper's house.
" What is it this time Wheeler? " Hopper asks.
" Hey Hop. Is it okay if I come over? I won't stay long I swear, I actually want to take El somewhere. "
" I'm about to leave for work so sure. I'd rather have her outside and doing something instead of sitting home, staring at a screen all night. " Hopper replied. I smiled a little.
" Okay cool, I'll be there in ten! " I hung up the phone, grabbed my keys and walked out the door.
Time for an emergency date.

I get in my car ( Nancy's old car ) and drive over to the cabin.
Knock knock.
Knock knock knock.
The door unlocks and I see El standing there.
" Go away Mike. " She goes to close the door but I hold it open.
" Please just come with me. " I say, giving her puppy dog eyes.
She groans. " I hate when you do that shit. " She says, trying to sound annoyed but I see the small smile on her face as she walks to the car.

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