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You felt the biggest head ache, you let out a soft groan because of the pain. Was it all a dream? You thought to yourself with your eyes still closed.

"Hey, princess" Someone said with a husky deep voice.

You opened your eyes to see your hands and legs tied, you look at the driver and you realize it's him, Kim Taehyung.

"What are you doing? Let me go please" You said with tears filling up your eyes.

"Oh no don't cry now princess, trust me i'll make this very fun for the both of us" He said in the creepiest voice ever.

"Where are you taking me?" You asked him

"Home" He said while smiling at you.

"No please let me go. Please" You started begging and crying even more.

"Hush now princess everything's gonna be okay. Just go back to sleep." He said in a calm tone.

You slept due to all the alcohol and drugs in your system. You were so tired you could barely keep your eyes half opened. So you went to sleep wishing that when you wake up you would realize it was all just a dream.

After 2-3 hours you hear another guy opening the door and uniting you.

"Wow Taehyung, you actually found a cute one that we could mess around with" The guy said.

You opened your eyes seeing him staring at your features.

"Woah she's even cuter with her eyes opened?" He said

"Who are you?" You said while tearing up.

"Oh how rude of me, Hi i'm Jeon Jungkook" He said whilst smiling at you.

"Okay, that's enough take her inside." Taehyung said

"Yes sir" Said Jungkook

He picked you up, you tried to fight back and get off but he was way to strong for your already weak body.

"Don't fight it sweetheart" Jungkook said

"Please let me go. I didn't do anything please" You said

"You know I really like your voice, it has a very soft tone. " Jungkook said with a smirk on his face.

"Please, I'll do whatever you want" You said while crying.

He laughed and said nothing at all.

You were now in a very dark room, they sat you in a chair, with your hands and legs tied to the chair making it impossible for you to move.

"Hey, Y/N" Taehyung said with his deep voice.

"T-taehyung?" You stuttered and said in fear.

"Yes princess, it's me. No need to be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you. " He said smiling

"Please let me go" You said

"I'm going to ask you a few questions. Alright princess? You don't have to answer if you're not comfortable" Taehyung then grabbed a chair and sat in front of you.

You nodded in reply.

"Good girl" He said whilst wiping away the tears on your cheeks.

"Such soft skin" He said while admiring your skin

You didn't break the eye contact and neither did he, you knew it sounded weird but you felt a connection.

"Alright let's start, where is your family?" He asked

"Busan" You answered

"Great job, can you give me their phone number?" He asked

"Why?" You asked in confusion

"I need to make a trade" He smiled

"What trade?"

"You for one million dollars" He said

You laughed,

"What makes you think they'll agree?" You asked while letting out a scoff

"Well they're your family aren't they?" He asked

"Yes, but they disowned me a long long time ago."

He stayed quiet and said nothing.

"Guess that ruined your plan huh?" You said whilst tears falling down your cheeks

"I'm sure they would pay up." He said

"I'm sure they wouldn't, my parents stopped caring a long time ago." You said in tears

He stayed quiet for a couple of seconds then said,

"Well how about friends?"

"I just moved here a couple of months ago I haven't made any friends" You said while wiping your tears away on your shoulder.

"You really are something aren't you?" he said looking at you in amusement

"If you think so. Are you going to let me go now since i'm completely useless?" You asked

"Wow, your my favorite already. Jungkook take her to her room... and be gentle" He said

You were now in a room with a bed in it. Jungkook told you to take a nap and rest up.

"Wait, can you take me to the bathroom?" You asked Jungkook

"Of course sweetheart" He said, he wrapped his hands around your waist and guided you.

You didn't really want to go to the bathroom, it's just that when you first came you noticed a small pocket knife on a cart just outside of your room and you wanted to get it to help you escape.

You walked by the cart and grabbed the knife and put it up your sleeve.

"Alright, in you go" He said pointing at the bathroom.

You went in a came back out minutes later.

"Let's go" You said in a calm tone smiling at Jungkook.

"You really are cute, Y/N, and i'm sure Taehyung thinks that too, which is why he's giving you so much freedom. He would never let a patient go to the bathroom when it isn't the right time to. He always kept patients blindfolded and tied their hands, but not you. " He said

"What do you mean by patients?" You said ignoring everything he said about Taehyung

"Well, if their friends and families don't pay up they become somewhat like out patients, we run tests on them and use them for personal amusement if you know what I mean." He said

You knew exactly what he meant.

"Like slaves?" You asked

"Some people would describe it as that, so yes." He said back

"Is that what's going to happen to me?" You asked with worry

"Mostly likely, but don't worry sweetheart your new it's not your time just yet."


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