The leech

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He is here. I can feel it. Remember that man who threatened us way back when? He is here. I can fee- Yeah you can feel it. You said that already. Plus your spidey-sense could be wrong. I'm not Spi- never mind. I don't have time to have a city hall debate with you.

I was just having a normal walk, trying to reflect over the thousands of things that have happened since my 16th. I found out I was a hybrid. I joined a new pack. I saved a witch called Lucky. Lucy. Where is she anyway? She escaped back to her 'master' who she doesn't know. She did know. But I knew that she would die rather then tell me so I decided to be patient. Until you threatened her with me. Then I- Can we focus on who this mystery person is please.

His scent is weak. We couldn't smell it before. Only because I am the moo- Yes, the 500th time you have reminded me today. I was waiting for it. It's been 10 seconds since you told me last- SHUT it.

The dark fugue moved swiftly across the forest floor, almost like it was hovering over the ground. Gosh. Why are there so many dead leaves on the floor. Because it's autumn dippy. Fall is autumn in America, you know? Will that knowledge help us catch the Darth Vader that is currently escaping? That shut me up. He is heading out of the woods. To a muggle town. It's night so it's easy for him to blend into the shadows. It is looking for something. And it's found it.

It seemed to push a young woman into alleyway and he took his cloak off. Pale complexion. Looking for and taking humans into alleyways. The type of horror that only crosses over a person's face at seeing a supernatural. A vampire. Probably the leader of the one who- who... Stripe whimpered at the memory of Damien's death and anger boiled up inside me. Vampires are not meat to feed off of live humans are they? Let's teach this guy a lesson.

The yound woman, who was looking absolutely petrified, was seconds away from becoming the vampire's dinner. It's now or never. "Whoa! What a big mosquito!" I exaggerated sarcastically. The vampire turned around so fast, I almost missed it, and hissed at me. I sent a pointed look at the woman and she quickly ran off but the vampires full attention was on me. "Leave now little girl and I will let you live." His voice was low and would sent chills up most people's spines. "Is that meant to scare me away because, sorry to break it to you, it didn't work at all." I replied while inspecting my nails. I didn't let my guard down though. He laughed humorlessly. "Bravery. It kills the best of people who just don't know when to flee. And it is about to take another victim. Just a young, stupid girl trying to play the role of hero." And before I could reply, he ran at me with his super speed or whatever.

I quickly flipped out of the way and ran unto the woods shouting about how annoying leeches are. The last thing I need is another muggle to learn about out world. He is a lot faster than normal blood suckers. Under the cover of the trees, I feel more at home, more powerful. The darkness isn't a problem because of my eyes which reflect more light tha- This isn't the time for a biology lesson!

Just as Stripe said this, the vampire aimed a punch at my side. Skidding to a hault, I dodged it and sent a punch to his head. He ducked and punched me in the shoulder and kicked me in the chest, sending me flying. Ouchhh. I immediately jumped up. Appearing right in front of me, he tried to swipe my face with his long fingernails but I was ready, dodging his attacks then sending a kick into his head and stomach. Grunting in pain, he got up off the floor and pushed me into a tree where he restrained me.

He sniffed my neck as I squirmed and he licked his lips, "Your blood smell delicious little one. It smells powerful and drinking it will allow me to overpower you." He flashed his razor teeth. I laughed back and showed him my canines which were sharper.
The surprise that crossed over his face gave me a hint of satisfaction when I kneed him and the gut and kicked his knee inwards, listening to the auditable snap. "Your not the only vampire in the world you know. And you are definatly not the most powerful. Mess with me or another defenceless human and you will wish you were never born." Without waiting for his reply; I teleported back to the pack house.

Well that was fun. Although you fought like an old granny. I was tired ok? Don't forget 'Angel', I see through your lies. I just stuck my tongue out earning me a few wierd glances from pack members as I strolled casually to my room. Tomorrow I will try and find out who that guy was because he wasn't any ordinary vampire.

"AMY! JULIE! ROSE! IT'S GET UP TIME!" I banged two pots together as the 3 sleeping girls groaned. "Go away! It's 9 in the morning!" Amy moaned, her complaints muffled by the pillow. "Does she always do this? How do you live with this?" Rose asked sleepily. "HEY housecats, I'm not a morning person either but I need your help to find out who the blood sucker that attacked me was." I answered and suddenly Rose was right next to me, assessing me of any damage.

The other two cats didn't even bat an eyelash either because they were used to it or they didn't really care. Pretty sure it's the latter. We just have the best friends ever don't we? You have friends? I didn't know.

Eventually I got the three sleepy kittens up and we headed down to- "THE LIBARY!?"

Hi! Can I just say, thank you soo much for putting up with my 10 year late updates. End of year exams are the worst so blame them. What are you guys up to? Thanks for reading!
Mayling xxxx

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