Nandini's Life After Eight Years

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Changed Nandini's Son name From Avi to Ahan 🙏🏻


I opened my eyes as soon as I heard my usual alarm ringing. I stretched my arms lazily while seeing the sun peeping silently through the window of bedroom.

I smiled seeing it and sat on the bed glancing at the person sleeping beside me.

I smiled brightly ruffling his hairs. Not wanting to wake him up, I hurriedly ran inside the bathroom.

Coming out, wearing a usual kurti with a jeans my eyes turned towards the wall clock. It was already striking seven in the morning.

"Shit.... Late ho jayega..." I ran to the other bedroom in the house and opened the door only to find the prince of my life sleeping peacefully holding his favourite spiderman pillow in his hand.

I smiled and sighed.

I walked inside and placed my hands on his forehead. He turned and half opened his eyes. I giggled softly and picked him up kissing his whole beautiful face.

"Mamma no..." he nagged while I giggled more.

"Ahan... Come on... be a good boy and wakey wakey... school ni jana?" I asked softly caressing his hairs.

"No." He spoke and jumped out of my grip. I opened my mouth wide while I laid down on the mattress comfortably.

I glared him while glancing at the wall clock. It was already seven and past ten minutes.

"Aiyyooo..." I cursed.

"Ahan Ansh Reddy... up in the bathroom.... NOW..." the tone made him stood up instantly. He pouted and hugging me slightly passing me a look ran inside the bathroom. I neatly ironed his clothes fastly before making myself to my bedroom, actually our bedroom.

To my dismay he wa still sleeping.

"Ansh... Wake up..." I called him while he turned and groaned.

"Okay." He said before settling down on the bed again and that made me smile. I leaned down and whispered "jaldi warna breakfast nahi milega Mr. Husband."

He woke up with a jerk while I pursed my lips tightly to supress my smile.

He glared at me and I made an innocent face before he could catch me, I ran out fast.

"Badla liya jayega... Mrs. Nandini Ansh Reddy" I laughed out loud and walked myself towards the kitchen.

Till the time I saw my son already ready in his school uniform still trying to wear tie.

"Mujhse hota hi ni hai. Aap shikha do na" he complained while I shook my head. Kneeling in front of him. I combed his hairs with my fingers and adjusted his tie perfectly before showing the thumbs up. He showed me the thumbs up again and kissed my lips.

"I love you Mamma... you are best" he spoke while I grinned.

"Mamma loves you more... chalo kya khayega mera beta aaj?" I made him sit on the breakfast table chair and I myself walked inside the kitchen to prepare breakfast for all of us.

"Papa ka favourite... Cheese Omelette with toast please" he spoke in proper english accent. And I made an 'O' face.

"Papa ka favourite... wowwww." I leaned towards him.

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