Hotel Sex whoops

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[[Continuation because she's such a wimp]]

She wrote:

-He started grinding on my hips, and I'm not going to lie, I loved it. I pushed up against him, to full fill his pleasures. I could feel him becoming hard through his boxers

//My turn :P :

Damn, his size against me, it was huge, ugh, it just feels so right. I flip him over, grinding on his semi-hard member. Just causing him to become harder. "Baaaabe- your pants-" He moans, I do as told and take them off, along with my shirt. Leaving me fully exposed. I'm already warm, almost soaking. I begin to bleed through his boxers, and I know he can feel my wetness.

"Finn, we're gonna have to be quiet, Dan and Jack are in the next room." I run my fingers down his stomach, playing with his waistband.

"I know," He sits up, forcing his tounge into my mouth. Gladly, it muffles my moan. I think I can pull off this quiet thing.

He stops and kisses down my stomach, kissing the waistline of my underwear. "These, need to go baby." He pulls them off with his teeth. I squeal from arousal. He forces my legs apart, this brings an horrible flashback. Then I realize, it's Finn.

Wait, this is birthday sex, it's my birthday. Oh my god.

He drags his finger across my slit, causing me to arch my back. "Hmm, should I go for a taste? Or finger you... I think taste." He smirks, bringing his head towards me, licking me, swirling his tounge around. I bite my lip.

He finally goes inside me, "Babe, I think I can last a lot longer then you can. Let me try." I sit up, and force him to lay down on the bed.

I pull off his boxers, revealing his flicking erection almost to his stomach. And oh my god, he's huge. I gasp, I mean, I've seen his before but he wasn't hard.

I lick him from the bottom up, flicking my tounge at his cock. "Aurrrorra~" He moans, "Shhh, Finn." I swirl my tounge, he bucks his hips causing me to take him in. Oh my god, I'm giving a blowjob. I hollow my cheeks and pump. I take in all his pre-cum. The taste in undescribable, I like it.

"Baby- The condoms." I run over to his bag and grab one. "I had a feeling you had planned this." I slip it on him, with no problem.

"You little slut." He smirks, turning me over, onto the bed. Forcing into me- "I totally forgot to tell you, I'm basically losing my virginity to you." He says, grunting, as he kisses my neck.

I moan, trying to be quiet as possible. I can feel him scratch at my gspot. He thrusts, harder, and harder, until I cum. He pulls out and lays next to me.

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