Part 9

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Not proofread,  forgive the typos.

Lavanya woke up from her deep sleep on hearing a knock on the door. She was pretty surprised to see Arnav at midnight,  in her room.

"What is it ASR? " she asked,  yawning.

"Do you love me?" he asked her.

Her lips widened with a smile. He knew that his plan would work.  Lavanya might have joined her hands with Shyam and helped him with this dirty job,  but few things will never change,  fools will always remain  fools.

"Of course ASR,  I love you a lot" she said.

He could have destroyed har career,  but that would have been very risky right now. So he must act like he has started loving Lavanya.

"Can you please help me? " Arnav asked sweetly. How he wished to punch her face.

Something's fishy. She thought.

"Yes, ofcourse" she said,  snaking her arms around his neck. He was controlling his anger when she touched him.

"Can you please get a cup of coffee for me? " He asked softly. She put her arms down and frowned.

"Did you wake me up to get you a cup of coffee? " She asked.

"Problem? If Khushi was there she would have got it for me without questioning. " He said sadly.  This always works with Lavanya. He knows how dumb and jealous she used to be.

I am better than that Chamkili!  Lavanya thought.

"Bring it soon" he said before walking took the hall.

Lavanya followed him.

"Would Chamkili really make coffee for you at this hour? "she asked.

I would have never asked her for coffee at this hour!  I would have never made her work. I would have never disturbed her sleep.

"Hmm" he said. Lavanya dejectedly went to the kitchen. Arnav got a message on his phone. He shouldn't let Lavanya know about this. Aman could be calling him at any moment,  so he switched off his phone. Lavanya knew that Aman never disturbs Arnav at midnight, so she could find it fishy.

"ASR,  here's your coffee" she said and handed it to Arnav. Arnav purposely dropped the mug, and the coffee spilled on Lavanya's leg.  She screamed and hissed in pain,  Arnav enjoyed this view. Thankfully every room in the house was sound proof,  or else everyone would have got up by now.

"I am so sorry Lavanya,  I didn't do it on purpose" He said,  slightly grinding his teeth.

"ASR,  couldn't you hold it properly? " she said hissing in pain. Her leg was burning.

"I am so sorry,  come let me take you to your room, you need to wash your leg with cold water" He said and took her to her room. She went inside the washroom, meanwhile Arnav saw that the AC was off and hid the AC  remote.

Lavanya came outside and searched for the AC remote.

"Where is the remote?  It's so hot" she said,  feeling suffocated.

"I don't know,  you should know that" Arnav said, "How is your leg?" he asked smiling inwardly.

Lavanya didn't reply. How could the AC remote vanish all of a sudden?

"Where the hell is the remote? How can I sleep now? " She asked with frustration.

It was better if I had given this room to Chamkili and shifted with Naniji

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