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I realized that the voice that is taking is Zo.

He spoke, "Gelo do you hear that there is a girl in Melos room."

You hear Gelo make a large gasp and he started laughing.

Zo speaks up and says laughing "I have to come to meet my new sister-in-law." He hangs up.

Melo is doubling over in laughter and I looked at him and laughed but soon realized that I'm about to meet his brothers.

I hear loud footsteps running up the stairs and another pair that followed, without a warning the two visitors that I was expecting barged through the door.

Gelo takes a double take and Zo runs up to me and pokes my forehead and says "she's so tiny." we started to get to know each other.

Gelo asks if I can sing more because he heard me on FaceTime. I started singing "Too icy yeah he knows how I ride pull up to the party each and every night. I'm not flexing it's just what I live by. Frozen ice yeah it's cold when I arrive I drip'em in Gucci he knows what he does to me I bought him a new watch his wrist lookin cool to me, I paid for his barber so he looking fresh. New Balenciagas but he not impressed tell me, tell me what I gotta do so I can just stay next to you. You wanna leave baby is that true, yeah I would throw it all away but I was just wishing that the money made you stay. I know that I should think about it anyways but I was just wishing that the money made you stay. Oh, baby please don't go away cause I was just wishing that the money made you stay."

I looked up from my lap and I see the camera crew and everyone recording me.

Lonzo and Gelo start screaming "That's my sister-in-law!"

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