Chapter 16

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Vic's POV

I wait patiently in the car for Chrissy to get out of school. It was her first day back since the whole thing happened with Junior two weeks ago.

Part of me worries that this is all too soon and that she should have waited but I also know she's a strong girl. But with her brother in hospital and her parents fighting, not to mention her transitioning, there's only so much a girl can take.

I start the car when I see her waking towards me with her head down. My eyes flicker to the time and I notice she had taken longer than usual.

She gets in the passenger seat, throwing her bag at her feet then she turns her head to the window. Not a single hello.

I catch her reflection in the side mirror and am alarmed to see her crying.

"Chrissy, baby, what happened?" I ask worried.

"Nothing." she sniffs. "Can you just drive?"

"Chris, tell me what happened." I plead.

"Fucking drive, Papa!" she screams but then starts sobbing hysterically.

"Chrissy Reece Fuentes, you tell me what's wrong this instance or I'm calling your dad." I snap.

She turns to me and my heart breaks at the shear pain that covers her face.

"Toby pulled my skirt and underwear down in front of everyone." she sobs.

My heart stops and I feel sick.

"When?" I ask her.

"Five minutes ago." she cries.


"At the entrance of the car park." she answers.

I don't waste any time and get out of the car, not even bothering to turn it off. I walk through the car park and stop at the entrance where there's a crowd of kids.

It takes me a minute but I spot Toby who seems pretty fucking pleased with himself.

The anger inside me is too much and I don't have Kellin here to calm me down so instead I act before I think. I go over to the sixteen year old and barely gain his attention before my fist collides with his cheek. I don't just hit him once though, it's three times before someone grabs me from behind. I don't know if it's a student or a teacher or perhaps another parent but their intervention is enough to make me stop. I look down at the kid who's on the ground in tears and although I regret my actions, I have no sympathy.

"I'm going to sue the fuck out of you." he screams, seeming in agony.

"Yeah, and I'm going to sue you for sexually harassing my daughter, you cunt." I spit.

I hear sirens and see lights and suddenly I'm pulled from this person's grip and placed in the grip of someone else. I feel handcuffs latch around my wrists and I realise I'm being arrested.

"Vic Fuentes, you're under arrest for the assault of a minor." the officer says as he drags me away and then I'm being escorted to a police car.

I anxiously look around and my eyes land on Chrissy who's still hysterical although she's on the phone to someone.

She locks eyes with me and shakes her head seeming disappointed and that hurts, that fucking hurts.

My head is pushed down as I'm forced into the back of the car and I watch out the window as the car drives away.

My mind races with all the possibilities of things I'll miss if they put me in jail. What if Junior dies? what if Junior wakes up? What if I'm not there when Chrissy gets her first girlfriend or when she gets surgery? How many of Lisa's soccer games will I miss? Am I not going to see her off to college? What if Kellin finds someone else?

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