Chapter 12: Past-1

Start from the beginning

"LITCH!" Lawless said as he look at one of the C3 members did stunt Licht. Now both of His friends are down. Lawless glare at the C3 coldly.

"Don't you dare touch them, They are not involved in this!" Lawless said with a glare.

"Well~ Well~ What do we have here~? The Servamp of Greed is concern about a humans, How touching." The man said with a sinister smile.

Lawless attempt to draw a sword and attack the Man, But the man Kick him and send him to a Another man who held him and stunt him.

"Sweet dreams~ Greed."

All Lawless wish was Licht and Mahiru to be safe. This two are he admit was a special human for him. For Just a year, This two manage to change him, From Greed to a playful Friend. He hope that Both of the teen was safe, that was his last wish before he black out.

The next thing Lawless saw, Was his dream. His Nightmare. He was shock and cover his ears, He wants to run away, Run away as possible.

"No, No, No, No, Why am I here!? pls... Let it be anything Not Here!" Lawless said as he tries to run away, But it was too late the screen started to play, To play a little film about his regrets, About his first love and how he lost it. Ophelia, a once princess he loves.

He saw it again, How he met Ophelia, How Ophelia treat him so sweet and kind, How Ophelia was a beautiful Woman he love. And he knows Ophelia love him too, But Ophelia choose to marry another prince for Ophelia's beloved country. How Lawless did Nothing when The day of Ophelia's execution. The day he lost his beloved Ophelia. His dream yet at the sametime his nightmare.

"Stop! stop! stop!" Lawless yelled, He doesn't want to see them again, he doesn't want to remember. The pain, the sorrow,he was hurt.

Then another memory was seen, its shows where his Nii-san made the huge mistake. A mistake that Lawless can't forgive and forget.

"Stop, Pls... Make it stop!" Lawless said pleading.

But it stop eventually and everything became Black.

When Lawless awaken he found hisself chained up in a wall. The chains the wrap in him was has emitting black flames all over.

"Ah~ Useless Humans, There really think that they are all that mighty and strong. Pathetic, They are all hust useless..." Lawless start to murmur to hisself. "I wonder if that All mighty Idiot angel is dead already, Well he is just so delusional. Stupid angel Why did I became friends with him anyway?" Lawless ask hisself, but then he remembers all the memories they have together. All though Licht and him were kinda off, its still fun to hang out with humans.

He had to admit, ever since he lost Ophelia, Fun wasn't really his experiencing. But With Licht and Mahiru, He felt like he is happy again. Specially with Mahiru who is showing so pure kindness. Licht too is kind but not that showing. Both are innocent in this world, both are innocent, those two didn't deserve such a death like this.

"Ah~ Shut up you Shit rat. Or else I'll really kill you."

Lawless was shock hearing the voice of Licht.

"Ah~ I think Angel Babe's voice is running to my head." Lawless murmur.

"I said shut up, Your voice is so annoying!" Licht said.

Lawless look around and notice that the sound was coming from behind of the wall where his chain was attached.

"Could it be that your on the other side?" Lawless said.

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