"Emily, I'm sorry.." I swear apologizing is never my thing.

"Hey.." She cupped my cheek with a hand. "You deserve to be happy. Okay? I will be fine.." Emily nodded and caressed my cheek. I turned and absorbed the stunned look on the wedding guests face.

I ignored all the eyes on me and looked at the green one which was already looking at me. Suddenly all the flashback comes as a story before my eyes. The first time when I got to see how deep and dark those bright green eyes are, the first time when he talked with me. When I believed him with the things I would never ever thought of sharing it with anyone else. The care and love we showed to each other. The letters, gifts and words we picked up carefully for each other so that we could see how important we are to each other. The possessiveness and jealousy. All the small things mattered to us.

If it's not Harry I would have been dead a long time ago. His broken pieces fit mine perfectly. Our destiny of love and pain has won life's game.

I breathe out calmly and continued to look at Harry who was having the deepest and purest emotions in his eyes. I stepped down decisively as Harry stared back at me fervently with emerald eyes.

As I step forward my Dad strides in front of Harry. "Louis!"

"Enough!" I couldn't take my eyes of the Angel in front of me.

I went and grabbed him by the lapels and kissed him. I heard groans and cheers from the surroundings but that doesn't matter right now. All the things which matters are Harry. The kiss had love, excitement, pride, relief and so many. The rush and longing for each other were now very expressible. I pulled away and looked at him for a second before kissing him again. The kiss made all the pain fly away, the kiss made us strong, the kiss broke all my guards, the kiss broke my fear and moreover it made us complete. We both slowly pulled away.

"You never cease to amaze me, Booie," Harry said with a small lovely smile.

"Yeah, what did I just do?" I asked to myself. I turned and saw Dad exciting the hall with a facial expression which fuming in anger.

"Lou, I'm so proud of you!" Lottie smiled at me and Harry proudly. Next, I and Harry were welcomed by a monkey wrapping his arms around us.

"GUYS! THAT WAS SO INCREDIBLE! I DIDN'T KNOW MY LOUBEAR WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS! MY LARRY SHIP SURVIVED THE STORM!!!!!" Niall cried out of happiness. Harry cooed at him as he pulled away. I saw the happy faces of Zayn and Liam.

This feels new and amazingly insane!

Erik whispered something on Niall's ear as he beamed and they both went away.

"Where are they going?" Harry questioned.

"Hmm..?" Liam smirked and gave Zayn a look. "It's a surprise, though!" Zayn's smirk is usual but Liam's? These dorks are planning something.

"Let's go, guys!" Zayn pulled us out.


Zayn pulled over as I peeped my head outside the window and looked at the place. I blinked my eyes to see what I am seeing is real or not. The soothing sound of waves and the salty smell of the sea reached my nostrils. It's Niall's Beach House!

"What the hell are we doing in Niall's Beach House?" I asked as a smile formed on my face. I looked at Harry's thrilling eyes as he shrugged. Liam dragged us to the side of the beach and my eyes widened.

"Holy shit... You guys didn't!" Harry whispered stunned as his eyes roamed around.

"YOU GUYS FREAKING DIDN'T DO THIS!?!" They planned a small wedding set up on the beach!

There was a white coloured stage with four pillars supporting cover with blue and green sheets. The beautiful Morning Glory and Chrysanthemum flowers were placed and the sun rays added beauty to the entire blue-green theme. Niall came and stood on the stage while Erik gave him heart eyes.

"Ahem, ahem!" Niall fake coughed. "We are here for the gorgeous couple. The best and the most handsome friends of them planned their marriage here on this lovely beach." All of us laughed as Harry's cheeks heated up.

"Now, Louis!" Niall called me. "Come and stand here. And Harry here!" Niall pointed at two places so that I and Harry are facing each other. We both did as he said with a wide smile in each other face. Zayn was clicking pictures.

"You guys! I don't know how these things work out! So maybe you want to say something to each other?" Harry looked at me full of love and nodded. Before Harry could say anything I did.

"Hazza.." I softly started. "The things which happened in our life was like a rollercoaster. You don't know when you will go up and when you will go down. My life before you came was absolutely nothing. I was nothing. Then you came into my life and you were my everything. You were my light to my darkness, you were my escape in the labyrinth of my life. If it weren't you, I would have been a whole new different person who would have faked his entire existence. Every time I see you, only one thing comes into my mind and that is to love you unconditionally with everything I have and to protect you till my last breath. I know I have hurt you a lot more I should have but this time I promise you that I will make it up to you every day of my life. Maybe the world knows the Louis Tomlinson but they don't know the Booie, Blueberry, Cupcake, Kitten, Bubby, Sweetheart, Fungi, Sweet Cheeks and many more but I want the world to see it.. for that, I need you and only you. I love you more than the words could express Harry Styles!"

All the boys cheered as I wiped some happy tears off from Harry's eyes.

"Fungi.." Harry started as the boys laughed at my nickname. "Knowing about you was like solving a hard mystery and making you talk was the toughest job I have ever did in my life. You were the colourful butterfly most of the people didn't notice but to my luck I did. I saw this little butterfly and different colours which I didn't know was there. Maybe the others who see this butterfly didn't see deep even to know how pure and fragile this butterfly is. It was like a wish granted for me. All of a sudden everything was so new and my life couldn't get more heavenly. You are my safe haven, my moonflower. Don't blame yourself for the things we both are equally responsible. I have hurt you and you hurt me but my love for you will always increase no matter what we do to each other. I can't love you less, Booie. Our past maybe not have the best memories but it does have us. I wanna have a lovely future and for that, I need you as you need me. My life gave me certain things which I would never ever give up for anyone else. I only want to see those lips to smile and those eyes to shine. I love you more than you could imagine, Louis Tomlinson!"

The sun was setting down as my Sunshine stood brighter with his breathtaking smile and dimples popped out. Niall clapped his hands as Erik brought two boxes with rings.

"Will you marry me, Harry Edward Styles so that I could all you Harry Edward Tomlinson?" I asked out. Harry pouted but I know he was in cloud nine.

"YES!" We both slipped the platinum rings onto each others finger.

"Finally!" Zayn shouted.

"What are you guys waiting for? Come on! Snog the hell out of each other!" Niall ordered. Without wasting a second I pulled Harry as he squealed a bit but didn't complain.

The blue eyes met the green again as the heart flips and lips made their way to meet each other.

Your flaws are perfect to the heart that is meant to love you.....

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