"There is.."


The people I know and most of the people I didn't know was filling up the seats as the monster of my life received everyone with a smile. The room was decorated with blue, white and lavender flowers alternatively and there was a stage in the middle where I would... get married.

"I'm hating this place with everything I have!" Niall whisper complained to Liam and Erik. Liam caught me hearing it as he gave an apologizing look.

"Lou?" I turned to face Zayn. "Are you really sure about this..?" He pressed.

"Yeah..." I looked around me and I calmed myself down because I don't want a panic attack now. About the mandatory 'I guess', fook it! Words are not coming out!

Within a blink of an eye, I was standing on the big stage in the middle of the room with Zayn behind me and the priest with his usual attire. Some kind of slow music started as Lottie entered with a smile on her face and a plate cover with velvet cloth and two boxes on it.

I can do this! I said to myself and breathe out.

Then comes Emily, I would be lying if I say she wasn't gorgeous. The small pecks of golden colour matched mine as she walked with a wide smile on her face. I help her to get on the stage and gave a small smile and turned to the priest with hands still holding.

"We have gathered here on this beautiful day to this wonderful ceremony. May these young couple get all your blessings.." the priest started. This is absolutely wrong! "Do you Emily Joan Williams pledge to love Louis William Tomlinson throughout your years together, to be honest, faithful and kind to him? Do you pledge to give him the same happiness he gives you and to respect him for who he is, not who you want him to be?"

Did she hear it right? Respect him for who he is, not who you want him to be!

"I do!" Emily said while looking into my eyes.

"Do you Louis William Tomlinson pledge to love Emily Joan Williams throughout your years together, to be honest, faithful and kind to her? Do you pledge to give her the same happiness she gives you and to respect her for who she is, not who you want her to be?"

I love you, Hazza. I'm so sorry...

"I-I..." I stammered trying to breathe properly. The loud sound of the door opening caught everyone's attention and automatically heads turn to that direction.

For one second the world literally just stopped as my pupils dilated when my eyes met those green eyes I thought I would never see it ever again.

"Lottie! Did Lou invite Haz?" Zayn whispered in shock mixed with excitement.

"I did!" Lottie cheered. "But I didn't think he would show!"

My dad stormed towards Harry with anger.

"Harry, leave this wedding now!" He lifted his hand to stop my Dad.

"Mr Tomlinson it's between me and your son. I will leave if he asks me to!" Harry decently told my dad to off.

"Are you gonna be okay, buddy?" Zayn whispered.

"Lou? Hey." I chuckled seeing Emily and breathed out heavily.

"I-Is.. I-... I can't breathe.." I mumbled to Emily.

"I know.. It's okay.." Emily smiled comfortingly.

"I-... I can't do this.." Emily's smiled faded away slowly. "I thought doing the right thing but.. this isn't it!"

"You don't have to explain." Emily shook his head and pressed her lips together.

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