The Wedding

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Louis' POV

Waking up knowing it was a quite big day for every single people I know was a bad starting, to be honest. My whole family was rushing here and there with laughter and giggles made my heart grow sadder than it already is. Here I am standing while I lost the only home I ever had.

My home.

I stood in front of the mirror in a fancy-ass hotel where my wedding is about to hold. I scrunched in the distaste of that word. My eyes met mine in the mirror, the modern golden tuxedo was way prettier than the usual and the jacket pulls a little bit around the ribs but it was absolutely perfect for a lavish wedding. But what happens to the lavish, pride and flawlessly perfect arrangements for the wedding when the groom has the second thoughts of eloping? My eyes only showed one thing.


Fake was all I could see in the reflection. I closed my eyes as Harry popped in with a smile. I quickly opened my eyes and sighed heavily.

I didn't know I could love this much.

Just thought of him sent a spark to my dead heart and butterflies bubbled inside. This is so fucked up! I closed my eyes to see him again but this time I was in between his warm arms and Harry was singing softly to me. The warmth I longed and the sweet words I didn't deserve was given to me by my Angel saying that I deserve all the pretty things in this world.

I was pulled back to reality by someone entering into the room.

"All set, mate?" Zayn asked as he tried not to show how he felt about this whole thing happening but I do know how my friends are feeling right now.

"Yeah... I guess." The funniest part is now onwards every time I answer a question 'I guess' will also include in the last, I made that mandatory. Gosh! I don't know what I'm thinking is shit or sarcasm.

I and Zayn sat in silence. We actually don't know what to say to each other and this is the first time ever I feel awkward with Zayn. Someone kill me fucking right now.

"Hey." Liam entered the room smiling followed by Erik and Niall.

"How is work going?" Zayn asked Niall as he was then in charge of food and beverages. Personally, I think it's a bad idea but a small voice inside me said he would do it better than anyone else.

"Everything is perfect, Zee. All Louis has to do is walk down the aisle while seeking everyone's attention and get married then BOOM! I'm gonna start my drama!" Niall whispered the last part but the room was quiet and awkward as hell so it reached my ears too.

Zayn didn't say anything but the other two lads warned the Irish lad to keep his mouth shut which is absolutely not gonna work.

"Boo..?" I looked up to my mom who I didn't know was there.


I could only hear his voice.

"We will leave and let you guys have your own time.." Erik said politely and the boys left.

"You are grown up to a handsome man, Louis.." My mom came near me and adjusted the tie. I controlled myself not to out brust in front of her.

"You can see the handsome man because I'm not showing the dead man inside me, mom." Her eyes flashed hurt but guilt didn't bubble inside me this time.


"Why can't I be myself, mom?! All the things I'm doing right now is not me! Do you know how hard that is?!! Is.. is there any chance left for me? Is there any..?" I cried out of pain and desperation. My teary eyes saw my mom backing away as the bricks of hope I built was breaking one by one but it stopped when she whispered before leaving the room.

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