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ChrisZylka: Hey bro 

JakePaul: What do you want 

ChrisZylka: I have a job for you

JakePaul: I am not your dog 

ChrisZylka: You are my bitch

JakePaul: I am not

ChrisZylka: Fine let me just go to TMZ and spill the tea

JakePaul: Fine what do you want

ChrisZylka: Its time for the big strike 

JakePaul: The big strike? 

ChrisZylka: Yes 

JakePaul: No there is too much drama right now

ChrisZylka: There is no such thing as too much drama

JakePaul: The plan will fail 

ChrisZylka: That will be my problem

JakePaul: I am warning you

ChrisZylka: Just do it 

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