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"Magnus Bane. He's over 300 years old." Came the voice of our mentor. He held an iPad as he displayed the information about Magnus Bane on the big screen. "And, as you can see, he's not exactly shied away from the pleasures of every century. His tastes are both exquisite, and quite excessive."

"He looks like the Downworld's David Guetta." Clary commented.

"Guetta's already a Downworlder." Izzy told the redhead.

"Vampire? Ever seen him in the daylight?" I inquired.

"Can you two focus?" Alec chided the three of us. "This is not a joke."

Izzy snickered. "Someone needs to get laid." The younger Lightwood turned to me, winking. What.

"Alec's right." Hodge spoke. "Now, Magnus is one of the most powerful warlocks I've ever known. He has a deep mistrust of Shadowhunters."

I raised an eyebrow, plopping my feet onto the table. "Who doesn't? Every downworlder has a deep mistrust of shadowhunters." I made a "pop" with my lips. "Magnus trusts me, though."

"Well, then why did he help my mom remove my memories? Isn't she a Shadowhunter?" Clary asked.

Hodge nodded. "Yes, one of the best." He praised. "But 'help', might not be the most accurate word."

"Magnus may have done something for your mother, Clary, but she probably striked a deal or owed him something in return." I said. Hodge gestured to me, agreeing.

"Warlocks usually require payment before they help anyone with anything." Jace agreed.

"Word from the Clave is that most of the warlocks have gone into hiding since Valentine began hunting them." Alec spoke.

Hodge nodded, taking the news from the Clave in. "Valentine must be searching for the warlock, where did Jocelyn-"

The rune on his neck seared. "Hodge, your rune. You okay?" Clary asked. When Hodge assured her he was fine, she asked, "so how do we find Magnus?"

"We don't." Jace answered.

"Magnus finds us. We'll set up a meeting, somewhere protected." I told her.

Jace nodded. "Lure him out of hiding."

"And I know exactly where we do it." Izzy announced excitedly. She grabbed the iPad from Hodge. An image of a rave appeared on the screen.

"A Downworld rave." Jace nodded impressively. "Nice, Izzy." He complimented her.

"And where'd you get that?" Alec asked his sister.

"During my surveillance of the Downworlders." Izzy replied with a triumphant grin. "From what I hear, Magnus likes to party."

Alec, the usual ray of negativity, shot down the idea. "He'll never go for it." He shook his head. "Not with Valentine trying to kill him."

"Of course he will." Izzy disagreed with her brother.

"I know Magnus." I spoke. "He'll blend in. Hide in plain sight."

The redhead hesitated. "I don't know, it's seems-"

I raised an eyebrow amusedly. "Wow, you and Alec actually agreed on something."

"Trust me." I said.

"If Magnus is coming out of hiding, he's going to one of the biggest parties of the year." Izzy added.

I gave Izzy a thumbs up. "You, my friend, are absolutely right."

"Never underestimate Magnus' hedonism. Or his greed." He paused. "Come with me."

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