1. Frey Girl

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She pushed her golden hair out of her face and swung shiny blade towards her instructor. He lowered his own sword and defended himself.
They were exchanging hits and the girl even thought being much younger than her oponent, she treathened him. A smile on his face hid his concern if the girl trows a big hit and pushes him to the ground what will that make him look.
She stepped closer to him and swung her sword all around. After 19 years finally her posture was right, she held the sword with her stronger left hand properly and she had skill.

Then a young blue eyed girl walked into the room clearing her throath and making them stop.
Instructor smiled to himself a little because he knew how lucky he was she interrupted.

"Miss Fawn, your father wants to see you." Her maid said looking at the ground. Fawn sighed.

"Right now? I am in the middle of something." Fawn waved her sword towards her instructor. Maid looked uncomfortable and blushed. She fidgeted with the hem of her white apron.

"He said it's urgent." Maid looked up and said. Fawn frowned turning back to the old man.

"You were lucky this time mister Jaques." She said smiling to the instructor and putting her sword in its covers. Jaques laughed troathly and that made him cough.

"Yes Miss" He coughed. "Today is my lucky day." She smiled to him and then followed the blueeyed girl out of the room.
She closed door behind her then turned to a girl.

"Tell me, why does my father wish to see me at this time?" Fawn asked stepping carefully down the stairs.
When she was young girl, she often ran down them until one day she stepped on her dress and fell all the way down. She rememberes how she cried so much and her father didn't bother to hush and calm her. He just slapped her yelling at her how clumsy she was.She now has a scar on her elbow from the fall and she never repeated that again.

"Well he didn't tell me, but.." Maid looked around and stepped closer to Fawn. "I heard it has something to do with the Stark's." They got to the bottom of the stairs and they turned right. Their castle was like a maze.

Fawn shook her head in confusion.
"Stark's?" She asked. "What do they have to do with us? Or rather with me?" She chuckled a little thinking what it could be.
Stark's were in a war with the Lannisters and Baratheons something about Ned Stark and his children. Robb the oldest of the Stark children was leading this rebelion, Fawn heard people whispering of how he can turn into a wolf whenever he pleases and that he eats the flesh of those he captures. Fawn didn't believe them, those were just ridiculus stories people told their naughty children.

"I really don't know Miss." Maid said. Fawn now more eager to know what her father wants started walking a bit faster to his room. Passing the kitchen she walked down the dark hallway she never liked. Even since she was a little girl. There was something dark, twisted in the walls and the light she could never spend there more than a few minutes.
She knocked on his door and then realised her maid is no longer beside her. Fawn looked around but the maid left.

"Come in!" An elderly voice from inside the room said. She sighed and opened heavy, wooden doors.

Chills went down her spine when he saw him sitting there in his large chair surrounded by young girls.
Fawn knew he molested them, used them and their bodies for his own fucked up pleasure but whenever Fawn tried to help them escape guards caught her.
She despised her father, really she did.

Then she saw he wasn't alone, a woman with burnt red hair was standing in front of him. Her eyes immediately drafted over to Fawn. She studied her for a few seconds then a small smile appeared on her old and tired face. Fawn was confused.

"Come in my child." Her father waved his hand for her to come in. She did as he said and closed the door behind her. Young girl walked over to Lord Frey and stood beside the lady she didn't know of.

"You needed me father?" Fawn asked glancing at the lady.

"Is this the girl?" Woman asked, her voice was cold and harsh. She gave out all the signs she didn't want to be here. Fawn knew what it's like, she felt that all of her life.

"Yes this is the girl." Lord Frey said ignoring his daughter's question.
"Fawn my dear, this is Catelyn Stark."
Fawn's eyes widened and she immediately bowed to the woman.

"My apoligies m'lady." She said but felt a light tug on her shoulder.

"Stand up girl." Woman said and pulled her up. Fawn looked up to the womans eyes but quickly looked down again.
"I shall talk to Robb about it and will send a raven first thing in the morning." Catelyn said looking at Fawn.

"She is the prettiest of my daughters Cat, and don't forget the other part of the agreement." Lord Frey spat out at the red headed woman and leaned over a bit. Then patted the young girl that was standing next to him on her behind. Fawn looked away to calm her dinner in her stomach.

"Thank you Lord." Catelyn thanked Fawn's father leaving the room with the two men Fawn didn't even notice standing in the room with them.
When Lady Stark left the room Fawn turned to her old father. Or a shameful excuse of a father at least.

"Father, what were you talking about?" She asked. Her father ignored for a few moments talking to her cousin he was touching the other moment.

"Your marriage agreement." He said with no emotions whatsoever in his voice. He just sold her and didn't even flinch. He didn't even care.

"My what?" Fawns eyes flooded with tears.

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