Mr Perfect

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The cafeteria provided white noise. The chatter, the hum of peers voices and laughter was dull. The food in front of me was bland and held no interest. Nothing seemed to matter because I was in love and it was consuming all of me.

"I'm in love, Holly," I told the blonde across the table who glanced up from her novel and nodded with a sweet smile that was comforting in only the way a best friends smile could be. "He's. . he's perfect."

"No one is perfect, Martha."

"He is," I sighed, swirling the unidentifiable mash around on the plate. "He's sweet. So sweet. We have a lot in common too. He makes me laugh. Holly, no one makes me laugh the way that he does."


I met her stare and she clutched her chest with a wounded expression. "Oh no Holly," we both giggled. "It's just different with him. It's all different."

I let images of him running his soft finger tips along the inside of my thigh, flood through me. His lips danced on the surface of my skin, his tongue met mine. That strong chiselled jaw was exquisite and the way that it moved whenever he spoke was tantalising. I could watch him for hours. Mesmerised and lost to the heart stopping presence that he provided. One man had never rendered me so incoherent before. But his chocolate brown hair and green gaze was addictive. Those full lips moved and I was cuffed to the spot, no longer in control of how I felt.

"Earth to Martha?" Holly snapped her fingers in front of me and I was brought back from thoughts that left me breathless. I threw my dark shoulder length waves away from my face and fanned it. That was what he did to me. I felt impossibly wound up. "There's Mr Perfect now."

I turned around and sure enough he was entering the cafeteria with his friends and team mates. He would have come from his baseball practice and his beautiful locks were still damp from showering. I grinned and turned to Holly. "I'll be right back."

"Uh oh okay."

I walked towards him. All else around me was inconsequential. He was the object of my focus and I felt my heart pick up speed as I approached where he had lined up to get lunch. His friends spotted me first, smiling and whispering to each other. But it was ignored because when he turned around and I met his deep green stare, I was on cloud nine.

"Hey," I breathed as his grin grew and his gaze swept over me. "I'm Martha."

"I'm Parrish," he smiled. It was a smile designed for undoing. "It's nice to meet you, Martha."

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