Chapter Thirty Nine - Moonbound

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Mei stood aside him as they wait in the launch port. General Sokolov would soon storm through the doors escorting the prisoners and Avianna aboard spacecraft 11RC.

Mei hadn't said a word to him other than the updates on his father, the usual landing demands, and the Assembly who would be awaiting his arrival. He planed on getting her alone before they land onto the moon. He had one last thing he needed to tell her, before he's unable to talk alone with her again.

The launch port was a mess. His navigators sprint up the landing board, preparing the ship for departure, transport officers run with ammunition carts, and the engineering crew frantically check the solar drives for the last time.

Sighing, he concluded he should inform Vinn Kavari, the man who can help restore Avianna's memory, they would arrive soon. He would be awaiting them.

"Commander Wen," he scanned a group of officers hurtling toward his defense ships.

"Head Commander Jav," Mei responded, a bit of aggression in her words. He ignored this. He didn't care how mad she was, or how much he had hurt her. He was trying to save her life.

"Contact Vinn Kavari, and let him know we are entering the moon's atmosphere."

"Yes sir," her voice spit venomous. She turned away before he could catch her eyes. Anger boiled inside him, and he had to clench his teeth together to hold in all the strength he had to not grab ahold of her this very second. He wanted to shake it in her, let her know he's trying to save her damn life. He could never tell her this, she'd just try to stay and help. He cannot have that, and would not allow that. That's why he had to break her heart. That's the only way she'll leave and never come back.

Before he could put his thoughts into action General Sokolov bursted through the doors. The grin on his face cannot be mistaken. This was his favorite part. Preparing the prisoners for their execution.

The first one to immerse after General Sokolov was Kennet. He inspected the room, his eyes slow to meet Jav's. When they do, they don't leave his until Kennet was all the way up spacecraft 11RC. The one with curly hair blazed his eyes into Jav, his energy far greater than the rest. He would be a great weapon to use with all that anger. Unfortunately for him, he would have to die.

The cruelest look he received was from Avianna. She desired to kill him her rage was so strong he could drown in it. Something about her was different. Different from even now being a Defendant. Her energy was calm. What happened with Keres?

Something had happened between them.

He would have to deal with it later, first he must focus on Mei.

One problem at a time, he thought.

After the prisoners boarded, he ascended. The navigation crew looked upon him with weary and anxious eyes. He was used to these types of stares. Some don't understand the uniqueness of his abilities. Soon, they would all find out.

Mei entered minutes later, and he watched her as she made her way towards the pilots cabin.

He followed her.

"Mei," he called out to her when the hallway become empty.

"What," she stopped without turning.

"We need to talk."

"I think you made things pretty clear, what more is there to say Jav?"

"There is much more to say."

"Then say it! Say it right now!"

"Not here."

"Then forget it! I'm not—"

Grabbing her wrist, he lead her into an empty room. She wiggled her wrist out of his hold once the door shut, and she placed her hands on her hips. Facing away from him, the slow rise and fall of her chest signaled she's readying herself for a fight. She wanted to scream at him, he knew that much. If that was what she had to do, then so be it.

Something in the air was new, strange. Never had they been so distant then they were right now. Ekeqon lit up the room through the glass window, but shadows still leave them in slight darkness. Mei stood in silence, now facing him, blazing her large brown eyes into him.

"Why am I really leaving Jav?"

"Your skills are needed elsewhere. As I said before, you are being reassigned."

"I perform well above what is expected of me here. I am highly respected, and I've spent the past six years under your command! What could have suddenly changed?"

"I have found someone with exceptional training, with rare skills, not even you could block."

"Whoever it is, it will take them years to receive high potency from you. No one knows you as well as me, I can promise you that."

"You are wrong."

"Bullshit! I am the best Co-Commander officer you have, no way—"

"You want to know the real answer?" His voice raised, and her face became stern.

"Yes," she hissed.

"You're being replaced. That prisoner, the one you were so interested in, she is taking your place. Her skills outweigh yours."

"No. Not possible."

"You've grown to care, Mei. You know I cannot love," his blood was boiling now. If she had just kept her interest in Avianna to herself, if she just hid her true feelings, this wouldn't be happening. He wouldn't have to send her away.

"Jav please—" her voice helplessly broke. It was the weakest words he'd heard come from her lips. No. She cannot be this weak. He taught her better than that. Stupid, stupid girl, he thought. He knew she was stronger than this, and he would make her stronger.

"You are weak. You've grown to care, the one thing you know I cannot give to anyone."

"Jav—" her voice was even weaker.

"I don't want you here anymore!" Jav yelled.

Stepping back, she stared at him with impair eyes. He watched as one tear left her eye, tracing a line on her cheek. A pinching, empty knot swelled his heart. This odd feeling vanished, only touching his heart for a fragment of a second. What was that? It was similar to the feeling his heart felt when he lost his mother. But, that feeling lasted years, it never rushed from him like a rapid current.

He realized now he had grown to care for her more than he even thought. Seeing her cry, had pained him. He had only seen her cry once. He walked into her office one night to inform her of their departure for the battle of Astmar. When he entered her room she was hunched over, shaking as she clenched her hands to the table. She noticed him in the doorframe, quickly drying her eyes, pretending they were never there. Now, she let the tear dry, wanting him to see he was the reason for it.

"I completely understand your decision Head Commander Jav. Please forgive me, I have made a fool of myself," she looked away from him. She existed the room as fast as she could, leaving him to bathe in his own inflicting wrath.

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